Enticing hills we climb each reveal a different scene
But what’s behind the next, forever stays unseen 

Beyond the funeral pyre of sunsets on the sea
Below the frigid depth where mermaids sway unseen 

Around the Moon’s dark side and faring thence to weave
Amidst the planets’ weft, ordained by fates unseen 


With cunning slitted eyes and coils of emerald green
The viper hears a tread, and slips away unseen 

A rat retreats to hide in labyrinths of leaves
Wan whiskers trembling lest it not remain unseen 

Did Yahweh carve the skies over Eden’s crystal streams
And plant a Tree of Death where Serpents wait unseen? 


In mud and stones, in fire, in water, sand, and weeds
Unnumbered secrets dwell, and angels play unseen 

In wild woods by moonlight when fear and wind run free
By shadow wicked spells are cast and wolves bay unseen 

The morning ends the night and banishes our dreams
Or do they linger yet, in lairs by day unseen?