Bill Dennis

with a nod to Slavoj Žižek

Ms America, are you dreaming dangerously again?
I’d feel proud to see you scheme courageously again. 

It’s not your sleep that's easily broken: your awakening is fragile;
but thru exhausted lids your eyes gleam numinously again. 

Yet underneath, the work dissatisfaction does go on,
and I look forward to you keening clangorously again. 

While you’ll neither go with me to see the moon’s dark side
nor bide at home, you're preening restlessly again. 

I used to wonder what would please you, sure that it was good;
but now I’d rather you just lean mysteriously again. 

True paranoia is not ruled out by enemies alone;
you first treat lovers meanly, then marvelously again. 

Shadowing your acts, your brows turn shadowy from shady;
outraged, then incensed, you steam umbrageously again. 

We were no better reconciled once we went abroad;
in foreign parts, you drummed your theme obliviously again. 

Our ignorance and hope were foolish things, which sheltered weeds,
not crops, and grow extremely avariciously again. 

You’ve reasoned all this out before, with better men than me;
don’t fire steam engines with brim stone tendentiously again. 

Desiring their welfare, you said you loved the yearning poor;
you're giving them the eye, it seems, lecherously again. 

When you set your mind on justice, I can only cringe;
my need is for compassion, streaming generously again. 

In the sixties you painted coach-boy statues’ faces white;
now gays disrupt your color scheme that obviously again. 

That’s some rough crowd you run with, they all had to be reborn;
yes, birth certificates lost esteem tremendously again. 

If God mixed man from clay, it does explain the belly-button;
you’re drawn to simply stated memes credulously again. 

On climate change, instead of logic whipping folly off,
doubts rise like clotted cream, oleaginously again. 

Dare you call her Hope? It’s not how she is now you love, Bill;
It's how she could be — beaming at you contagiously again