Why you should use html

Everything you see on the Internet is written in, or embedded in, hypertext markup language (html).  HTML has many limitations, and the same content may appear differently to different users depending on their browser, monitor, and settings.  Our current lousy host Squarespace also creates some problems.  Common issues are:

  • Line and paragraph spacing.  If you paste text into the body of an email, the line breaks and paragraph breaks will almost always be corrupted after pasting into Squarespace, and have to be manually corrected.
  • Certain characters, especially quotation marks, dashes and apostrophes, are prone to be altered.
  • In-line formatting (e.g. italics or boldface) may be lost.
  • Long lines may be wrapped by the reader's browser.
  • Indentations will appear somewhat differently for every user (word processor files often contain indentations that are only revealed when the poem is pasted into something else).
  • Non-standard fonts are very likely to not make it into the published page or to not work correctly for some users.
  • Squarespace makes it extremely difficult to paste links into a web page. If you send links, we will try to show the correct URL but don't expect them to work.

Microsoft Word will allow you to save a file as html and then you can open it with a browser like Firefox and have a pretty good idea how it will look for most users.

Please do not send PDF files (like Adobe Acrobat).  We cannot use them.

XML is not the same thing as HTML!  If you want to be sure your poem appears as you intended, save it as HTML and then view it in a browser to be sure that it translated correctly.

When saving a word processor file as plain text (.txt), quotation marks, apostrophes, and dashes are almost always corrupted.  PLEASE open the .txt file you have created with a plain text editor (like Notepad) and replace these corrupted characters before submitting it.

Please PROOF READ!  Strangely, it is easier (and more reliable) for you to fix your typos before you submit than it is for you to describe them and us to fix them after your poems are published.  Othr wise you're poems maymake your look like a dumby.

We no longer remove the extra line spaces that are always created when we have to copy and paste from a Word (.doc, .docx) submission.


Below is a minimal example of basic HTML, with the content in italics:


<h3>My Ghazal</h3>
<p>My Name</p>
<p>This ghazal is a brief sample<br>
of HTML, as an example</p>
<p>Not much of a ghazal<br>
It's just my example</p>
My Name raises bats in Antarctica and has been published in <i>The Ghazal Page</i>.


On the Ghazal Page, this would look like:


My Ghazal

My Name


This ghazal is a brief sample
of HTML, as an example

Not much of a ghazal
It's just my example


My Name raises bats in Antarctica and has been published in The Ghazal Page.