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January 3, 2018,

Welcome to the "December" issue of the Ghazal Page, with twenty select poems crafted by thirteen talented poets.

2018 marks a major policy change for us.  Due to the increasing volume of submissions, especially for the regular issues, we have had to decline a higher proportion of poems than previously.  In order to allow more opportunity for new poets and new poems to be published, we will no longer accept reprints, translations, or simultaneous submissions.  Those published in this issue are the last ones that will appear in the Ghazal Page for the foreseeable future.  All future submissions should include a statement that the poem is the original work of the person submitting it, has not been previously published, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

In addition to regular submissions, there is still (a little) room in the next themed issue–"Alone"–scheduled for January - the deadline will be "whenever I get around to finalizing it".  Sad or beautiful, in solitude or in a crowd, there's always a way to be alone.

The theme for Issue #79 (in the Spring) will be Falling.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Laurel Ann Lowe
Bastard's Ghazal

Ross Donlon
The Horses
Sunlight and Shadow

Selina Mahmood

Tracy Fiebiger
The Wild Dakini

Timothy Sandefur

Mace Hosseini
The Fence

Rizwan Akhtar
Ghazal: Fire

Sudha Dixit
With the Wind - a Ghazal

Nichael Cramer
Ghazal #7 (show so many things)
Ghazal #8 (Birthday Ghazal: blue, crystal)

William Dennis
Stones Are Nothing to My Heart
I Could Not Express
The Past Is All in View

Deborah Leipziger
The Map of Amber

Tamara K. Walker
Petulant Communiques from the Late Kali Yuga

Maaz Bin Bilal
Not a Wish Comes to Fruition




November 30, 2017,

Welcome to the Fire issue (#75) of the Ghazal Page, with eighteen brilliant ghazals by twelve incendiary poets - prepare to be fired up!

In addition to regular submissions, there is still room in the next themed issue–"Alone"–scheduled for January, with submissions received before the end of December receiving preference.  Sad or beautiful, in solitude or in a crowd, there's always a way to be alone.

The theme for Issue #79 (in the Spring) will be Falling.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff



Rosemary Badcoe

Grey Held
Watching the Fire

Ruth Asch
Fire Ghazal

David Jalajel
Volcán de Fuego

Waseem A Malla
Candle And Moth: A Consistent Ghazal

David Subacchi
Days of Burning

Richard Krawiec
#1 #2 #3 #4

Alison Stone

David Landrum
Fire Like Your Love

Michele Waering
Helpless Glasgow 1984

Sandra Anfang
After the Fire

Thomas Locicero
Fire Ghazal



October 29, 2017,

Welcome to issue 74 of the Ghazal Page, with 17 intriguing ghazals by 10 excellent poets.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

In addition to regular submissions, there is still (a little) room in the next themed issue–"Fire"–scheduled for November, with submissions received before the end of October receiving preference.

The theme for Issue #77 will be "Alone" - sad or beautiful, in solitude or in a crowd, there's always a way to be alone.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff



Susan de Sola
The Wait

David Jalajel
Stone Tenses

Nancy Baker Rullo
Summer Ghazal
Minnesota Ghazal
Winter Ghazal

Sophia Naz
Ghazal; Skin

Sandip Saha
I felt instantly

Selina Mahmood

Eric Torgersen
Under the Circumstances

Rizwan Akhtar
Ghazal: hairs falling on shoulders
Ghazal: desertion
Ghazal: melancholy
Ghazal: it is over

Barbara MacKay
Day Out of Days

Adam Reynolds
Ghazal of the Unspoken Life
Ghazal of the Infinite Night





September 25 , 2017,

Welcome to the "Wind" issue of the Ghazal Page (Issue #73) — you'll be blown away when you breeze through 13 amazing ghazals by 11 able poets.

In addition to regular submissions, there is still room in the next themed issue–"Fire"–scheduled for November, with submissions received before the end of October receiving preference.  Be it a funeral pyre, the withering flame of a desert sun, or the fury of a scorned woman, we hope this one sparks your imagination!

The theme for Issue #77 will be "Alone".

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff



Shirley Glubka
How Difficult, How Beautiful

Janice D. Soderling
Mbombela Lady

Alison Stone

David Subacchi
A Holy Wind

Michael Helsem

Nancy Rullo
Hurricane Ghazal

Barbara MacKay
Take Us In

Helen Perry
Ghazal IV Wind

Tracy Fiebiger
Lessons From Anila

Judith Skillman

David Jalajel
qasida #40






August 29, 2017,

Welcome to issue 72 of the Ghazal Page, with 19 remarkable poems by 9 outstanding poets–a majority of them new to the Ghazal Page.  Next will be the "Wind" issue (73), already very nearly full. 

After issue 74, the next themed issue–"Fire"–should be out in November, with submissions received before the end of October receiving preference.  Be it a funeral pyre, the withering flame of a desert sun, or the fury of a scorned woman, we hope this one sparks your imagination!

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


George Franklin
Ghazal for a Dead Poet
Over Coffee
Even for Bodies Asleep

Esther Murer
Speculative ghazal
Ghazal about nothing

Alfred Booth
ghazal in need of a timeless title
ghazal for an emptiness
ghazal for loves in a black hole
ghazal for all the little notes we keep

Alison Traweek

Thomas Locicero
I Cry

Sofiul Azam

Mushtaque Barq
The Kingdom of Heart

Andrés Castro
Ghazal Me

Antonia Clark
For Art
My County 'Tis of Thee





July 17, 2017,

Welcome to the "Childhood" challenge issue, with sixteen fascinating ghazals by ten fine poets.  The subject of the September challenge issue (73) will be "Wind"; the next (issue 75) will be "Fire".  Send us your tempests, your gentle breezes, your whirlwinds, your burning desires, your searing pain - fan the flames!

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL POETS:  It appears that Earthlink is blocking emails from the Ghazal Page, and Yahoo has failed in at least one case to send email to us.  If you submitted any ghazals between late May and mid July from a Yahoo email address, we have not received them.  If you submitted any ghazals using an earthlink address (or possibly an aol address), you may not have received any reply we sent.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Michele Waering
Like a Child
The Land of Green Ginger

Alison Stone

David Subacchi
Days of Grey

Thomas Locicero
Childhood Ghazal

Ralph Long
Childhood Religion

Helen Perry
Ghazal IX - Childhood

David Jalajel
qasida #34
qasida #39

Judith Skillman
The Spoils of Childhood

Linda Umans
Ghazal for My Brooklyn Childhood

Upasana Sharma
Indistictly yours





June 17, 2017,

Welcome to Issue 70 of the Ghazal Page with ten excellent ghazals by six remarkable poets, including a collaborative ghazal by Debra Kang Dean and Greg Pape.

There is still a chance to be published in issue 71 with the theme “Childhood" — its joys, its sorrows, how to waste it, remembering it, or whatever else you have to say — scheduled for July.  Preference will be given to submissions received before June 30.  The theme for issue 73 will be “Wind".

Please read our updated Submission Guidelines before submitting.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Debra Kang Dean and Greg Pape
Parallel Parking

Siham Karami
Watching Your Language
Looking Through the Bull's-Eye
Pandora's Box

David Jalajel
Certain versus Potential Harm


Judith Skillman
April Illness




May 29, 2017,

Issue 69 is finally here!  Welcome to 14 superlative ghazals by 8 talented poets with a wide spectrum of interpretations of “Faith".

SPECIAL NOTICE:  We have discovered that aol is blocking our emails (and perhaps all yandex emails).  If you send a submission from an aol address we may receive it but you will never get our reply (and never get a chance to make corrections before publication).  Please send all submissions and other email to the Ghazal Page from a non-aol address.

Issue 70 (hopefully June) is already full, but there is still a chance to be published in issue 71 with the theme “Childhood" — its joys, its sorrows, how to waste it, remembering it, or whatever else you have to say — scheduled for July.  Preference will be given to submissions received before June 30.  The theme for issue 73 will be “Wind".

Please read our updated Submission Guidelines before submitting.

Publication Announcement:  Steffen Horstmann's second book of ghazals Ujjain is now out from Partridge.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Alice Sanford
Advice (To Be Taken) on Faith

Tracy Fiebiger
Friends - The Faithful and the Faithless
Dastardly Daydreams

Thomas Locicero
Night after Robert Bly

David Subacchi
Faith in the People
What is Faith?

Alison Stone
Faith Ghazal

Ruth Asch
A Gift of Faith

Michele Waering
Mustard Seed

Karen Winterburn
All Other Loves
At Center
Arrive at Love



May 2, 2017,

Welcome to Issue 68 of the Ghazal Page, with fourteen finely crafted ghazals by seven masterful poets.

The challenge issue "Faith" is scheduled for May 2017, and after that issue 70 (already nearly full!) should appear in June.  The next challenge issue, tentatively planned for July, will be "Childhood" - its joys, its sorrows, how to waste it, remembering it, or whatever else you have to say (preferably said before June 15).

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Gillian Telford
Ghazal of belonging

Michelle Waering
That Love Street Mob

Karen Greenbaum-Maya
Exchange student's ghazal
Ghazal of Wasted Time
Ghazal for the King
Less Passionate Ghazal

Babo Kamel
The Earth Lost its Sweetheart Today

Jen Karetnick
Daily Pills
Adult Congregate Living Facility
Ghazal for Vine-Pickers and Wine-Drinkers
The Interview: Uterus to Ovaries

Shabir Ahmad Mir

Ross Keating
The Voices of the Stars





April 15, 2017,

Welcome to Issue 67 of the Ghazal Page, with 14 estimable ghazals about Freedom, and generous praise for Mr. Trump's defense thereof (just kidding!)

The next regular issue will be out soon (we hope) and the next challenge issue, "Faith" is scheduled for May.  The (July? I kid myself) challenge issue theme is Childhood - its joys, its sorrows, how to waste it, remembering it, or whatever else you have to say.  Deadline, June 15.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Beatriz F. Fernandez

Kim Suttell
Centuries of Consolation

Alison Stone
Ashes to Ashes

Judith Terzi
Other Side Ghazal

David Subacchi
O Freedom

Barbara MacKay

Ralph Long

William Dennis
Our Freedom

Virginia Barrett
Ancestors - A Ghazal

Ruth Asch
Seeking Freedom





March 31, 2017,

Issue 66 of the Ghazal Page includes 30 quality ghazals by 19 excellent poets, and a review of Steffen Horstmann's Jalsaghar.  It also (finally) brings the Ghazal Page up to only two months behind on publishing accepted ghazals (except those scheduled for the Freedom issue).

The next challenge issue, "Freedom" is ready for release in early April; issue 68 should also be released in April.  The (May?) challenge issue theme is Faith - what's it for, where does it come from, how does it die?  Tell the world in ghazal form!  Submissions will be accepted until April 15, 2017, or later if we feel like it.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Jeanine Stevens
In Istanbul
Academic Options


Andrew Alexander Mobbs
Questioning the Ephemeral
In Light

Barbara Lydecker Crane
A Ghazal for the West of Ireland

Binita Jha
My Country (Ghazal)

David Subacchi

Patricia J. Miranda
Ghazal to Time

Billy Howell-Sinnard
Ghazal of Days

Lesléa Newman
Precious Mother

Ruth Asch

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt
Not all white

Samir Atassi
Ghetto Biennale Ghazal

Yousuf bin Mohammad
Songs of the Trush

Tamal Kundu
The Beast
The Revealed Myth

Jonel Abellanosa
Lovers in a Mural

Candace Rex
Ghazal Face

Jo-Ella Sarich
Bad Ghazal

Muhammad Sallahudin bin Abdul Rahim
Blessings (Dedicated to a pal)

George Franklin
After Reading Hafiz
The Class

Bridget Menasche
Form of Epilepsy
Form of Art


Tracy Fiebiger
Review of Jalsaghar




February 14, 2017,

Issue 65 of the Ghazal Page includes 8 exceptional responses to the "Chill" challenge.  As winter winds down in the Midwest, take a tour from Winter to Sequim Bay!

The next regular issue will be out soon (we hope) and the next challenge issue, "Freedom" is scheduled for March.  The (May?) challenge issue theme is Faith - what's it for, where does it come from, how does it die?  Tell the world in ghazal form!

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Barbara MacKay
Winter Ghazal

Michael Helsem

Suzanne Niedzielska
Lingering Chills

Andrew Alexander Mobbs
Winter Solstice Ghazal

William Dennis
Warm Glow—Where Does It Go?

Emma Parrish Post
Midwinter Ghazal
a response to Philip Larkin´s "Midwinter Waking"

George Franklin

Judith Skillman
On Sequim Bay




December 31, 2016,

Issue 64 of the Ghazal Page includes 28 excellent ghazals, from dusk to death, by 17 poets, and a stimulating essay on the ghazal form in English by Manan Kapoor.

In addition to Steffen Horstmann's Jalsaghar (Gene Doty's Foreword is included in the Ghazal Page issue 63), we have the pleasure of announcing three new books of ghazals and other poetry by our contributors:  Lotus Mirage (D. Russel Micnhimer); In Which We See Our Selves (Eric Torgersen); and Imaginings (Bill Batcher).

The next issue (#65 "Chill") might come out on "schedule" in January!  Submissions are open until New Year's Eve.  The theme for the next challenge issue, optimistically planned for March 2017, is "Freedom".  Submissions are open until February 2017, and as always general submissions are accepted at all times.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Richard Krawiec
,And Still

Barbara MacKay

Shabir Ahmad Mir

Abigail Carl-Klassen

Ruth Asch
Cloudy Shell
The Red Flower
Do You Know?

Alison Stone
Believe Me
Dust Ghazal
Naked, Driven

David Lunde
Clouds and Rain Ghazal
Researching Oneself

Alexander Tokarev
Death Wish

Sagar Mal Gupta
[By Chance]

Judith Terzi
Ending in R
Ghazal for the Copa

Michael Helsem

Jenna Le

Binita Jha

Addy Robinson McCulloch
Ghazal in Offering

Ross Donlon
Sleeping Awake

Shirley Glubka
Inside the Oyster, Nevermore is Not
Ghazal for Lenny

Zachary Riddle
Do Not Resuscitate



Manan Kapoor
The Refrain and Beyond




December 14, 2016,

Welcome to the "Places" challenge issue, with 26 superior ghazals by 22 poets.  We hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we did.  The next issue of the Ghazal Page "should" be released some time around the new year.

The next Challenge issue, which we sincerely hope will be published in January 2017, will be "Chill".  Ghazals based on cold, physical, emotional, or metaphorical, received by December 15, 2016 will receive preference.  Break the mold - read the submission guidelines!

Please direct all future correspondence to theghazalpage@yandex.com.  It's the right thing to do.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Michele Waering

Judith Skillman
On Nook Trail
Talus Caves

Abigail Carl-Klassen
El Amor Prohibido El Paso

Linda Umans
Where I Live

Beatriz F. Fernandez
Rilke Returns to Ronda

William Dennis
Life in the E.R.

Megan Pinto
God Lives on the Moon

Charles Halsted

Emily Sanford
*|| War Bride ||*

Somikkhya Mukherjee

Patricia Hemminger
Old Town Ghazal

Andrew Kuhn
Ghazal: Lose his place
Ghazal: The point

Ruth Asch
The Garden
By the Sea

Ross Donlon

Gurpreet Singh Rana
Ghazal (Places)

Suzanne Niedzielska
Going Places

M.G. Stephens

Joan Leotta
Sunrise on the Beach

Sandy Solomon
i.m.Agha Shahid Ali

Susan Kelly-DeWitt
Question Mark Café

Marjorie Thomsen
In the Catacombs
Bayside, Low Tide

Mary Cresswell
Any Place And No Place




November 13, 2016,

Welcome to the long awaited "October" issue of the Ghazal Page (Issue #62) with 33 poems by 24 poets, from talented newcomer Amee Broumand to Mario Petrucci's translations of ancient classics by Hafiz.  Will there be a second "November" issue this November?  Maybe!

With the publication of this issue, all past submissions through July 2016 have been addressed, except for a very few which are being saved for the "Places" issue (#63).  If you sent a submission to the Ghazal Page before August 2016 and have not yet received a reply from us, please let us know.

The next Challenge issue, which we sincerely hope will be published in January 2017, will be "Chill".  Send us your ghazals based on cold, physical, emotional, or metaphorical, by December 15, 2016.

Please address future submissions and other correspondence to theghazalpage@yandex.com.  As a reminder, please send submissions as plaintext or html; this is much more likely to result in the poem appearing as you intended.

The Ghazal Page Staff


Amee Broumand

Alex McKeown

Judith Skillman

George Franklin
A Demitasse
A Bee
Poem of the Street

Ellen Pickus
Water Ghazal
Wake Ghazal

Tom Hennemann
No Animals Were Harmed
in the Making of...

Jane Sasser
Ghazal after Robert Frost

Muhammad Sallahudin Bin Abdul Rahim

Ross Keating

Shabir Ahmad Mir

Vismay Kamate
Fate's fate

Maaz Bin Bilal
The L Word - A Ghazal

Amy Baskin
Ouija Ghazal
Swill Ghazal

Terry Ofner
Body and Thread

Zaieem Ahmad

D. Russel Micnhimer
For Your Smiles I Long

Kim Peter Kovac

Karla Linn Merrifield
Teen Drama

Shabeeh Haider

James Penha

Riley Nisbet

William Dennis
Paid Late or Never

Michele Waering
Spun From Straw

Mario Petrucci
Hafez 278
Hafez 36



September, 2016,

Welcome to issue 61 of the Ghazal Page!  The theme of this issue is “Time”, and no, you didn't miss a challenge announcement.  This issue's theme was selected on the basis of poems previously submitted.  This may happen again in the future.

The next challenge issue is “Places”, issue 63, scheduled for November 2016.  We have already received more than enough submissions for this issue, but all ghazals received before October 15 will be considered.  If your submission for issue 63 is not published therein, it may still be published in a different issue unless you tell us otherwise.  This also may happen again in the future.

Issue 61 contains 21 fine ghazals by 20 poets, including translations of two of Hafiz' classics by Mario Petrucci, expressing widely varied aspects of “Time”.  Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Michele Waering
You Cannot Go Back

Elizabeth Schaulat
Ghazal of the Dust Bowl

Shabeeh Haider
Ghazal One

Robert Ronnow
This Summer, As Ever

Richard Krawiec

Shabir Ahmad
Ghazal (one last time)

Susan Kelly-DeWitt
The Day Of Your Death Ghazal

Maaz Bin Bilal
Feverish in Dehli in 2010 - A Ghazal

Meredith Nnoka
Chain-Gang Ghazal

Mario Petrucci
Hafez 225
Hafez 192

Alex McKeown
Of Your Memory

George Franklin
Ghazal of the Life Not Lived

Stephen Thomas Roberts

Alleliah Nuguid
On Visiting the Philippines Newly Born

Thomas Heffernan
Adam's Eve

William Dennis
I Think, I Don't Believe

James Scannell McCormick
Mercy Ghazal

Carl Shuck

Jimmy Pappas
Saigon Hands

Ellen Pickus
Earth Ghazal




August, 2016, marks the first of (we hope) a series of Ghazal Page issues on a new monthly schedule.  Every other month will be a challenge or themed issue.  Ghazals accepted for publication will be considered for any appropriate issue, including themed issues not yet announced.  The next themed issue, #61 "Time", is already full.  For issue #63, the theme will be "Places"; this issue is now about half full.  Future challenges have not yet been decided and we are open to suggestions.

Submissions will be accepted continuously, but if a ghazal is received after the end of a month it is unlikely to appear in the next month's issue, even if it was intended for a specific challenge issue.  If you want your ghazal to appear in a specific issue, please try to send it by the 15th of the previous month.  Even if received early and accepted, ghazals still may not make the next or intended issue, because the number of ghazals in each issue will be limited to about twenty.  Please send submissions to theghazalpg@gmail.com OR to ghazalpagestaff@lycos.com.

A reminder about submissions:  Please send these as plain text (no formatting) or as HTML in order to ensure that the formatting you desire is preserved.  Microsoft Word can save documents in HTML format (i.e. "as web page").  If you paste your ghazal(s) into an email, the formatting may appear okay in the email but is likely to be corrupted when the poem is uploaded to the Ghazal Page.  Also please include a current third-person biography with each submission.  We do not, as of now, keep biographies on file.

Issue 60 contains 21 quality ghazals by twenty poets.  Also included is a highly informative essay on the history of the Ghazal in North America, which will be of interest to anyone wanting to understand how the ghazal came to be realized as a form in English.  Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Mary Vibbert
How to Talk to Boys

Sandra Anfang
The Bamboo Chime

Robert Ronnow

Susan Kelly-DeWitt
After the Black and White Quilt Show

Alexander Tokarev
Riding at Full Throttle

Shadab Zeest Hashmi
Ghazal: Sign Language

Jeanine Webb
Spring Ghazal

Carol Alena Aronoff
Dreaming Women in Rain

D. Russel Micnhimer
Flames: Ghazal #54

Nilesh Mondal
|| The mailbox that never smiled. ||

William Dennis
Say, Soul

Richard Krawiec

The Calm Ghazal

Lind Grant-Oyeye
Dreams Ghazal

Shabir Ahmad Mir

Shabeeh Haider

Mohammad Zahid
Nemesis, A Ghazal

Eric Torgersen


The Evolution of the North American Ghazal: Orientalism, Revolution & Heresy
Eugene Melino examines the history of the Anglo-American ghazal


The ghazal emerged during Umayyad Caliphate (661-750) (Jalajel), which at its height extended from Spain to India. Given such roots, it had to be a global traveler from the start in that polyglot empire. Centuries later, the... [READ MORE]




Welcome to the bestiary. We're proud to introduce the results of our fauna challenge, the companion to Issue 57's flora challenge. We invite you to explore 40 striking poems inhabited by creatures of all varieties—humans as well as our fellow fauna.

They're a diverse lot, featuring Persian, experimental, tercet ghazals, qasidas—even the elusive free verse species makes an appearance—not to mention Liùsaidh's riddle. We hope you enjoy the lively denizens of these poems and their birdsong of rhyme & refrain. Fittingly, we round out the Fauna challenge issue with a review of New Zealand poet Mary Cresswell's sparkling new collection, Fish Stories.

Holly Jensen, Editor, July 2016


Siham Karami
The Year of the Dragon, To the Buzz, Porcupine, Purrrr, Cricket Heart

Michele Waering
The Chimps, The Pavilion Cat

Karla Linn Merrifield
 Self-Portrait at Casa Encantada

Brian Koester
The Shadows Listen

Freya Jackson
Adventures in Shaving, The Duckpond

D. Russel Micnhimer
Ghazal #59 Heart Blood, Ghazal #58

David Jalajel
The Fruit Bats, qasida #29, qasida #32

 Suzanne Niedzielska
A Maze By Design

Nels Hanson
Dogs, The Butterfly, Hummingbird

Lee Nash
Emptying the Mermaid's Purse

David Subacchi
Grey Squirrel, Magpie, Rats

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt
Light Falls/Words Fall

William Dennis
Most Marvelous Animal in the World, You Know Humanity, A Lesson We All Have To Learn

Erika Glass
Tying--Without a Pause

Lisa Fusch Krause

Kevin Frederick Smith
Ghazal of Humanity

Laura M. Kaminski
Shades of Yellow

Ed Shacklee
Gazelle Ghazal

Linda Umans
Possum Homage

M. Shayne Bell
My Father's Horse

Suzanne Herschell

Riddles for the Raven

Ann Howells
On the Day You Were Born I, On the Day You Were Born II


Fish Stories and Living Weather
Holly Jensen reviews Mary Cresswell's Fish Stories

Does it help to be grounded when you're already on shaky ground? New Zealand poet Mary Cresswell's stellar collection is built of brink and aftermath. Her lively poems are concrete and rooted in this (off-kilter) world and our fractured ecosystems... [READ MORE]



Welcome to the largest issue of The Ghazal Page ever! We're proud to present nearly 70 poems by 40 poets from four continents. [READ MORE]



Ghazal for a Prodigy, Anne Pitkin
Doorways, Ann Howells
The Limbic Door, Judith Skillman
|| Kisses are for strangers. || Nilesh Mondal 
Notes from the Valley of Yin and Yang, Siham Karami
After the New Year, Esther Greenleaf Murer  
3 poems on paintings by Michael Guinn, William Dennis
  -ed Ghazal #55: (super sour orange amateur faux ghazal attempt), D. Russel Micnhimer
   Misled Heart, Anastasia Vassos
qadisa #24, David Jalajel
Ghazal of Lost Dreams, Antonia Clark
Beautiful, Eric Torgersen
A Burning Country,  David Subacchi
Thou Shalt Not Postpone, Karla Linn Merrifield


Tonight re-reading Tonight, Yousuf bin Mohammad
Bully Meets His Match, Ann Howells
Soprano Ghazal, Anne Pitkin
Earn Today, Seree Cohen Zohar
A sea of sand, Sunil Uniyal
The Grapes of Wrath,  Jean L. Kreiling
The Unspoken For, Linda Umans
No More Now, William Dennis
Ghazal 2, Sana Shah
Coming Forward, Susan F. Glassmeyer
Life and Me, Huma Azeem
On Balance, Barbara Lydecker Crane
|| Courtrooms at night. || Nilesh Mondal


A Breakdown, Roz Levine
Winds of Seven Seasons, Alexander Tokarev
Air Ghazal, Ellen Pickus
Teller, Michele Waering
You Said, Huma Azeem
Love's Tumbleweeds, Tracy Fiebiger
River, A Ghazal, Mohammad Zahid
qadisa #25, David Jalajel
Evening Wine, Silk, and Knives, Rose Knapp
Moon Junoon, Sophia Pandeya
Memory's Seven Veils, Suzanne Niedzielska
As long as I breathe, Mir Taqi Mir, translated by Sunil Uniyal
On Viewing Dante and Beatrice by Henry Holiday, 1884, Beatriz F. Fernandez


Anguish, Huma Azeem
 Still Loss, Suzanne Herschell
I Looked for Her, M. Shayne Bell
Exploding in the Sky, William Dennis
The River, Nels Hanson
In your absence: Ghazal on a line by Ashbery, Esther Greenleaf Murer
Dream (Ghazal #53), D. Russel Micnhimer
Game, A Ghazal, Mohammad Zahid  
The Moon, Eric Torgersen
Bruise, Shining, Erika Glass
Now and Again, Michele Waering
Absence, Sophia Pandeya
He comes to deliver, Sunil Uniyal


Rae Anne, Ann Howells
The Raven's Eye, Sandra Anfang
|| A cloud shaped like sheep. || Nilesh Mondal
 “When..." Alexander Tokarev
Sky Ghazal, Ellen Pickus
These Days, Eric Torgersen
Don't Try This At Home, Siham Karami
Water, Michele Waering
   qadisa #26, David Jalajel
Around the bend, Esther Greenleaf Murer
Broken Ghazal, Jan Zlotnik Schmidt



Welcome to the Flora Challenge, Issue 57! Issue 57 is a garden of poetry, with 40 ghazals inspired by cultivars and wild shoots alike. As a bonus, we’re also proud to share with you Mary Cresswell’s review of Andy Jackson’s Immune Systems. [READ MORE]

Holly Jensen, September 30,2015



Something Spring is Consolation For, William Dennis 
Riddles for the Dark Herbs, Liùsaidh
Ghazal for a Flowerbed, Linda Umans 
Aspidistra, Rachel Voss
The Superiority of Mud, Siham Karami
A Maryland Tomato, Judith Skillman
Elsie's Crab Apple Jelly, Suzanne Herschell
All the World, Michele Waering
Home, Nels Hanson
Never Underestimate Tiny Hard Things, Siham Karami
In The Cloud Forest, Alison Armstrong-Webber
Name a Weed, William Dennis
Verdure, Antonia Clark


Poison Sumac, Judith Skillman
A Lilac Sprig, M. Shayne Bell
From the Heart of Oak, Alexander Tokarev
The Third Day, Kim Suttell
Don't Weed Your Wife, Siham Karami
Nasturtium Suns, Suzanne Herschell
Wing-Footed Ghazal, Alison Armstrong-Webber
What Mine Comes In, William Dennis
In the Middle of the Center, Pattie Palmer-Baker
Florists' Code of Ethics, Sita Inas Mere Nada
Water Me Well, Tracy Fiebiger
What Time of Year It Is, William Dennis
Rain and Me, Huma Azeem
Night Woods, Suzanne Niedzielska


The Persistence of Lilies, Jean L. Kreiling
The Triumph of Roses, Siham Karami
Ghazal in the Straw, Linda Umans
Here in My Garden, William Dennis
My Heart is an Extremity, Siham Karami
The Floating Kelp, Sandra Anfang
Remembering the Laurel Tree, Roz Levine
Of Weeds, Michele Waering
Into the Forest, Terry Ofner
Persistence of the Body’s Loss, Alison Armstrong-Webber
Bear Water, William Dennis
Rōz, Sophia Pandeya
Better Ghazal, Benjamin Tice

ISSUE 56: JUNE 2015 



Matt Warren, contributor and Gene's son

Once upon a time in 1998, Gene Warren Doty published a collection of his poems, Zero: Thirty Ghazals.  In those days, the Twin Towers were bustling with accountants, Apple was a has-been struggling to survive, and the ghazal was a poetic form little known in English and very vaguely defined.

Zero was the last of Gene's ten published compilations of his own poetry.  The literary efforts of his remaining years were devoted mainly to presenting the works of others in The Ghazal Page (then at ghazalpage.net), starting with just three ghazals by two poets in August 1999. Nearly 16 years later, the English ghazal is much more widely known and has taken a more definite yet flexible form, informed by Classical tradition and by the explorations of scores of excellent poets.

Although by 2014, Gene had decided to retire from The Ghazal Page, he was always open to the possibility that someone else would take it on. Had his health not declined so much during his final year, he would likely have pursued this possibility more vigorously. As a sometimes-contributor and as his son, I am glad to see The Ghazal Page continue under the leadership of Holly Jensen; I believe that Gene would also have been pleased.

Changes are to be expected with new management, as Gene well knew. But some things remain the same: The Ghazal Page will still host good new poetry and ongoing experimentation within the ghazal form. I am grateful to Holly (and to others who have helped out) for renewing my father's most prominent project; like many others, I wait eagerly to see the new Ghazal Page take flight.

Matt Warren, 2015


Holly Jensen, editor

Issue 56 teems with 50 poems by writers from four continents. You'll find traditional Persian ghazals of every variation, experimental ghazals (in particular, Karla Linn Merrifield prods, pushes, and plays with conventions and Dawn V. Randall further fragments the form), tercetfree versehybridand even a collaborative poem...  [READ MORE]



August, Judith Skillman
 Shimmering Substance," Jean L. Kreiling
Honor, Siham Karami
Beautiful, Michele Waering
Download 43: “Letter from a Very Horny Bitch," Postmarked 1971, Karla Linn Merrifield
Kid, Michele Waering
Finding Rumi in a Wine Bar, Barbara Lydecker Crane
Ghazal for a Hunter, Liùsaidh
In Isfahan at Hasht Behesht, M. Shayne Bell
Constabulary Note, Antonia Clark
Villanghazalle with fauna, Esther Greenleaf Murer
Hypatia's Revenge, Beatriz F. Fernandez
Ghazal from Cuba, Linda Umans
Ghazal 1, Sana Shah
Paraclausithyron, Antonia Clark
Welcome Wagon, Dawn V. Randall


In Egypt, Siham Karami
Aaylah Writes to Her Lover, Janice D. Soderling
Inflammation, Judith Skillman
Eagle Eye, Dawn V. Randall
Ghazal for Ten Bad Dates, Liùsaidh
The Blow-Up Doll Blues, Tom Hennemann
Goodbye to Once Before, Pattie Palmer-Baker
Ghazal Upon Hearing of a Mutual Friend's Death, Beatriz F. Fernandez
Fire Ghazal, Ellen Pickus
Solar Ghazal, Karla Linn Merrifield
Lines on My Backhand, Roger Sedarat
Deceased Gods, Alison Armstrong-Webber, Antonia Clark, Mignon Ariel King, Esther Greenleaf Murer & Terry Ofner
Ghazal Underneath, Deborah Kreuze
I Dance Macabre, Lukas DeVries
Ghazal for the Vultures, Linda Umans
Once, Suzanne Herschell
Ghazal 4, Sana Shah


Back Then, William Dennis
Years, Matt Warren
Februrary 21, Tracy Fiebiger
Forgiving Tree, Dawn V. Randall
Prime Mover Ghazal, Jean Syed
Ghazal 3, Sana Shah
Twinned, Judith Skillman
Our Appetites Devoured Us, Sita Inas Mere Nada
Rules, Esther Greenleaf Murer
The Ghazal Ghazal (Or How to Write a Ghazal), Beatriz Fernandez
Ghazal of the Contrary Poem, Antonia Clark
It, Barbara Lydecker Crane
Inside Out, Barbara Lydecker Crane
The Four-Master's Constellation of Sails (Fore to Aft), Karla Linn Merrifield
Evening, Mohammad Zahid
Dreams, Mohammad Zahid
Night, Mohammad Zahid


In Search of the Contemporary Ghazal
Holly Jensen
A review of R.W. Watkins' anthology, Contemporary Ghazals

Pithy, punchy, potent, and complete, the ghazal's couplet is the original tweet... [READ MORE]

55. DECEMBER 2014

Back Again, Mary Cresswell
Jama Masjid, Delhi, 2012, Akhil Katyal
Moonlight Ghazal, Holly Jensen
A Name, Khadeeja Mushtaq
For Hafiz, Michele Waering
Momentary Snake, Ed Higgins
To Remember, Brian Koester
Beyond Sound, Suzanne Herschell
Ghazal of the Spotted Horses, Brian Koester
Turnarounds, Suzanne Niedzielska
In Anger, Judith Skillman
Step Right this Way, Barbara Lydecker Crane
Notes From The Edge, Mary Cresswell

54. SUMMER 2014

April Ghazal, Linda Umans
3 poems, Jennifer Burd
2 poems, Laszlo Slomovits
3 poems, Fergus Carty
Afterimages, Judith Skillman
Not Much, Suzanne Niedzielska
2 poems, Ann Howells
2 poems, Jean L. Kreiling
2 poems, Suzanne Herschell

Editor's comments

53. SPRING 2014

4 poems, Steffen Horstmann
2 poems, Abgrund
2 poems, William Dennis
2 poems, Judith Skillman
2 poems, Melanie Rees
2 poems, Michele Waering
Bourbon, Barbara Brooks
ghazal for the lost and found, Linda Umans 


Planetary Exchange, Terrie Leigh Relf
In the Shadows, Steffen Horstmann
Prophet, Shannon Connor Winward
Night Ghazal, Holly Jensen
The Waiting, Dennis M. Lane
It Will Snow, M. Shayne Bell

51. FALL 2013

2 poems, Sunil Uniyal
4 poems, Steffen Horstmann
2 poems, Judith Skillman
Hide, Fergus Carty
3 poems, Holly Jensen
2 poems, Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Forbidden Sleep, Shaham Farooq
Unseen, Abgrund
Ms America, Bill Dennis
Glasses & Wine, Shayam

50. SUMMER 2013

2 poems, Steffen Horstmann
3 poems, Judith Skillman
The Cosmos, Esther Murer
2 poems, William Dennis
Potato Ghazal, Jim Gustafson
3 poems, Karla Linn Merrifield
Clarity, Fergus Carty
2 poems, Esther Murer
To Catch a Thief, Heather Dubrow

Editor's notes

49. SPRING 2013

Pages, Abgrund
Chain Ghazal: Chickens, Esther Mürer
3 poems, Heather Dubrow
Chase, Fergus Carty
Love’s Proposition, William Dennis
Crying Wolf, Judith Skillman
Persian Daddy, Roger Sedarat
Riches, Taylor Graham
In the Dockyard, Steffen Horstmann
3 poems, Karla Linn Merrifield
Valentine Ghazal, Ellen Pickus
Shroud of Leaves, Steffen Horstmann
2 poems, Shayam 

Editor's Comments


Reading The Harbour, Suzanne Herschell
Ghazal For Iguazu Falls, Linda Umans
2 poems, Steffen Horstmann
Ghazal : Oyster Shells, Robynanne Milford
Thicker Than Water, Robert Gifford
Cold Water – Ghazal, Jim Gustafson
2 poems, Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Air And Water, William Dennis
2 poems, Keith Westwater

Editor's notes

47. WINTER 2012

6 Asemic Ghazals, David Jalajel
4 Qasidas, David Jalajel

Editor's Comments


Mantram, Abgrund
2 poems, Taylor Graham
Eine Kleine Kammermusik, Mary Cresswell
3 poems, Sue Melot
3 poems, Initially NO
2 poems, William Dennis
2 poems, Tiel Aisha Ansari
Forever Young, Amy Greenspan
Piano, Ellen Pickus
Tone Colors, Marie-Suzanne Niedzielska
Motion, Complex, Urgent, Robert Gifford
Frank Sinatra ghazal, Linda Umans
Syncopated Quiescence, Judy C
2 poems, Tracy Fiebiger

Editor's notes

45. FALL 2012

2 poems, Michael Helsem
3 poems, Judith Skillman
Ghazal Verde, Luis Muñoz
The Great Silence, Diana Woodcock
Soul Ghazal, Shazia Sadaf 

Editor's comments

44. SPRING 2012

5 poems, Judith Skillman
4 poems, Vivek Sharma
Mary, Robert Gifford
2 poems, Mary Cresswell 

Editor's notes


2 poems, David Jalajel
2 poems, William Dennis
2 poems, Kay Weeks
2 poems, Taylor Graham
I Am Its Secret, Roger Sedarat
Fugitive Visions, Sue Melot
2 poems, Linda Umans
Coat Collage, Caroline Gill

Editor's notes

42. WINTER 2011

Ghazal: Contrarieties, Tree Riesener
Circumference, Joel Neubauer
2 poems, Fergus Carty
Elision, Robert Gifford
Community, Bill Batcher
Entranced, Robert Godwin
A Proposal, W. M. Rivera
The Wife’s Ghazal, Patricia Thomas

Editor's notes

41. FALL 2011

If you don’t feel it, W. M. Rivera
Ghazal, Winston Plowes
Night Whispers, Amanda J. Miller
Ghazal of the Unyoung Woman, Peggy Landsman
Ghazal, Michaela Ridgway
Cruel Quail Ghazal, Patrick Cosgrove
One More For The Road Ghazal, Red Slider
Equal Shers, a collaborative ghazal
Ghazal of Love, Ruskin Gammon
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, Caroline Samples
2 poems, Fergus Carty
3 stand-up ghazals, Holly Jensen
2 poems, Steffen Horstmann

Editor's notes

40. SUMMER 2011

3 poems, Ruth Foley
2 poems, Eric Torgersen
Paris Ghazal, Marian Brown St. Onge
Creatures of the Flame Or The Cooking Hypothesis, Bob Godwin
Weak Among the Desert Fathers and Mothers, Joel Neubauer
Ghazal (The Rain Still Falls in Pakistan), Winston Plowes
Walking to Fukushima, Michael Helsem
2 poems, Fergus Carty

Editor's notes

39. SPRING 2011

Have A Good One Ghazal, Dennis Mahagin
4 poems, Mike Miller
Periphrasis, Bill Batcher
Eternal Return, Robert Gifford
The Poetry Lesson, Patrick Cosgrove
Cartoon figures etched in ecstasy, W. M. Rivera
Rhythm, Pamela O’Shaughnessy
Hour Glass Ghazal, Sue Melot

Editor's notes


2 poems, Taylor Graham
3 poems, Mary Cresswell
Not Anymore, Michael Helsem
A Surrey Girl’s Ghazal, Rose Ades
Behind the Curve, Robert Gifford
Of Stars and Seeds, Caroline Gill
Change, R.L. Kennedy
Impressions Ghazal, Gary Glauber
Ghazal (in the end), Lauren Schwartz
Exchange, Fergus Carty
late April ghazal, Linda Umans
Incredulity: a ghazal, Gary Glauber
Change, Esther Greenleaf Mürer
2 poems, Ellen Pickus
3 poems, William Dennis

Editor's notes


2 poems Juliet Wilson
3 poems, Taylor Graham
Moon Ghazal, Ruth Foley
Exalted, Robert Gifford
ghazal for Comet Hale-Bopp, 1997, Linda Umans
2 poems, Sue Melot
2 poems, Dennis Mahagin
no one hears it, Michael Helsem
2 poems, Holly Jensen
2 poems, Robert Godwin
Red Rectangle Nebula, Tree Riesener

Editor's notes

36. WINTER 2010

4 poems, Fergus Carty
Ghazal, Winston Plowes
A Surrey Girl’s Ghazal, Rose Ades
Heart Cultivated, Ash Krafton
Ghazal: Resonant Air, Sarah Glaz
Reality Check, Marie-Suzanne Niedzielska
A Ghazal Sequence: In Memoriam, Christine Bloom

Editor's notes

35. FALL 2010

5 poems, Carl Schmottlach
4 poems, Syed Faizan
Poets' comments

34. SUMMER 2010

With every step an evil war, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal
A Dripping Tap, Fergus Carty
2 poems, Ramkrishna Das
Going, Gone to Seoul Ghazal, Matthew Stranach
Hush, Ash Krafton
My love, Akhil Katyal
Possession, Tabitha Albright
Death, Fazal Abbas
Another broach from my sister-in-law, Ellen Head
Eternal Attraction, N.K. Naqshbandi-Haqqan

Editor's notes


Inscribed on stone, parchment, silk, Susan Melot
Book Sense, Amy Greenspan
2 poems, Ben Johnson
2 poems, Bernard Gieske
The Evolution of Books, Shelley M. Peters
2 poems, Taylor Graham
Yesterday's Pleasures, Michael Helsem
Antiek boek: een Ghazal, David Quentin Dauthier
2 poems, Tree Riesener
The tribe that can not say We, Ellen Head
Ghazal, Mary Rokhvadze
The Book, Conrad Geller
2 poems, Sarah Mohr

Editor's notes


Separations, Taylor Graham
A Lonely Soul, Caroline Gill
night blooming jasmine, Linda Umans
Baroque Scores, Susan Melot
Comes a Song, Colin Flanigan
A Bailiff, Michael Helsem
Cubit's Arrow, Fergus Carty
Behind the River, Jessy Murphy
Piyut: Desire for my Beloved's Eyes, Kathee Rogers
Ghazal in Extension, Adam McAlpine Clark
End Times, Doug Cox
3 poems, Sibel Catana
Break Not the Sweet Heart, David Quentin Dauthier
Lashed by the Desert Winds Ghazal, Matthew Stranach
Haibun: Failed ghazal with interruptions, Esther Mürer
Bubble and Squeak for Radif, Ellen Head
The Silence, Initially NO

Editor's comments

31. WINTER 2010

5 poems, Diane Raptosh
Ghazal, Nicola Masciandaro
Gaza, Elaine G. Schwartz
Tea-black Waters, Chris Green
Serendipity, Susan Melot
Ardi, Tree Riesener
Ghazal 1, Ramkrishna Das
Sugar, Tree Riesener
Question, Nicola Masciandaro
4 poems, Andy Jackson
3 poems, Raza Yaseen
Does This Help Your Karma? Taylor Graham

Editor's notes


Beyond Blue, Amy L. Greenspan
Daisy, Todd Combs
Of Lavender, Ava C. Cipri
Ocean Blue, Caroline Gill
Primary Blue, M. E. Silverman
2 poems, Taylor Graham
Blue Ghazal #1, Chris Green
Ghazaql, Shweta Vyas
3 poems, Bernard Gieske
2 poems, Juliet Wilson
Ghazal, Michael Helsem
Shades of Red, Susan Melot
yellow ghazal, Linda Umans
The Color of Silence (A tercet ghazal), Margaret Bell
Ghazal, Ahmed Masud
Ghazal, Nathalie Casal
As Envisaged, Mary Cresswell
Black, Fergus Carty
White Ghazal, Ellen Head
2 poems, Tree Riesener

Editor's notes

29. FALL 2009

Devolution Ghazal, Matthew Stranach
2 poems, Stephanie Jones
2 poems, Nicola Masciandaro
Famous For What?  Taylor Graham
What Jesus Never Asked Me To Do, Joel Neubauer
2 poems, Sue Melot
Ghazal, Nina Hart
elsewhere, Dhananjay Raturi
Like This, Ben Johnson
Naming, Nicola Morris
3 poems, Ruth Foley
2 poems, Chris Green

Editor's Comments


My Golden Thing: A Ghazal, Elliott batTzedek
Nuts and Bolts, Ellen Head
2 poems, Michael Helsem
Trinity's Necessity, Bill Batcher
Myriads of Sounds, Susan J. Erickson
Welsh Ghazal, Esther Mürer
Sunday, Richard McCullough
Waves, Caroline Gill
Sheep in Bad Weather, Taylor Graham
Table Mountain, Karin Andersen
In the Valley, Robert Godwin
Sa(l)vaging the Starlet, David Jalajel
Happily Ever After, Ava C. Cipri
Changes in Point of View, Roger Robison
Wandering: Ghazal, Conrad Geller
Seasons of the Heart, Bernard Gieske
Tercets, Ellen Pickus
2 poems, Mary Cresswell
Desire Ghazal, Adrian Koesters

Editor's comments

27. SUMMER 2009

The measuring cup, Kalim-ji
3 poems, Nicole Cartwright Denison
And Lie, Aslam Karachiwala
Stone, Earth, and Straw: The Schoolhouse Ghazal, Chris Green
Prayer For My Sister, Lauren Camp
A Ghazel called Desire, M. J. Iuppa
2 poems, Jeanne Stauffer-Merle
Six Qasîdas, David Jalajel

Editor's comments

26. SPRING 2009

2 poems, Kalim-ji
Ghazal of Joy, Kathee Rogers
Ghazal for Summer, Laura A. Ciraolo
That Great And Ancient Voice, Zach Lome
Soundless Explosions, Tiel Aisha Ansari
Cold Feet, Roger Sedarat
Moon Questions, Bill Batcher
Ghazal For An Ex-Boyfriend, Pamela Mohon
The Primary, Kate Bernadette Benedict
2 poems, Stephanie Jones
2 poems, David Jalajel
New Year's Ghazal, Matthew Stranach
Ghazal for Desert Hands, Jessica Bane Robert
Ghazala, Arthur Chapin

Editor's comments

25. WINTER 2008

2 poems, Kate Bernadette Benedict
Inside, Lauren Camp
Beneath the Tamarind Tree, David Quentin Dauthier
Song of Solomon, 5:2, Joel Neubauer
ghazal for the ghoul maiden, David Jalajel
He Would Have, Bill Batcher
Any Shoreway by Any Stadium, Sean Santa
Ghazal #1, Danielle De Feo
A Beautiful Evening, Karthikeyan Palaniappan
Ghazal for Donna, Laura A. Ciraolo
A San Diego Summer, Derek Updegraff
Shadows: a Ghazal, Conrad Geller

Editor's Comments


Sugar, Esther Greenleaf Mürer
Craving, Chauna Craig
Children of Cane, Linda Papanicolaou
2 poems, Joel Neubauer
My Soldier, Simone Tuttoilmondo
Sweets of Life, Taylor Graham
Sugar Is Sweet, No?  Raindust
3 poems, Bernard Gieske
A Glucose-Induced Ghazal, David Quentin Dauthier
Ghazal, Ron Koertge
Ghazal, Lucy Kempton
Ghazal, Michael Helsem
Ghazal, Juliet Wilson
Ghazal, Adrian Gibbons Koesters
Ghazal, Danielle De Feo

23. FALL 2008

November, Rachel Ensign
WV Ghazal, Kathleen Rogers
3 poems, Tiel Aisha Ansari
2 poems, Matthew Stranach
2 poems, Robert Maxwell
Bookshelf, J. E. Stanley
Ghazal for Dreaming, Laura A. Ciraolo
A Ghazal at Middle Age, David Quentin Dauthier
2 poems, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal

Editor's Comments

I was so sad to see the leaves fall/
until I realized they were dancing.
— Tiel Aisha Ansari


Anti-Romantic Moon Ghazal, Xuan Lin
Toasting the MoonSusan J. Erickson
Moon, Niranjan Sarkar
Lunar Legacies, Robert Godwin
Moon, Michael Helsem
Ghazal, Joshua Gage
Moon Ghazal, Gail White
The Moon, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal
2 poems, Lucy Kempton
Blueberry Moon, Ann Marie Potter
3 poems, Bernard Gieske
Moon Ghazal #2, David Jalajel
Malawian Moon, Juliet Wilson
Significance, Noel G. Brown, Sr.
The Moon, Mary Cresswell
Night Singers, Susan J. Erickson
Lunaticus (in D Minor), J. E. Stanley
So Many Years of Moons, Taylor Graham

21. SUMMER 2008

Man on the End of a Rope, John Isaacs-Young
Love Knot, Bill Batcher
Ghalib's Ghazal, Hannah Cortazzo
The Unity of All that Is, Robert Godwin
Night, Mary Cresswell
March 24th Ghazal, Carol Lynn Grellas
2 poems, Steffen Horstmann
Mortality, Aya Ibrahim
An After Rain Eon, Karthikeyan Palaniappan
Critical Mass, David Jalajel
A Ghazal for Shari, Jared Mummaw
4 poems, David Jalajel
3 poems, Nicola Masciandaro
2 poems, Tree Riesener

Editor's Comments


blessings, Majid Mohiuddin
Beginnings, Taylor Graham
Noah: an Oratorio, David Jalajel
2 poems, C W Hawes
The Famous One, R. W. Watkins
Clouds and Rain, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal
monsoon, Ahmed Masud
manna, Joel Neubauer
Clouds and rain, Esther Greenleaf Mürer
Clouds and Rain Ghazal, Mike Farman
Ghazal: Clouds and Rain, Tree Riesener
Silver Linings, Linda Papanicolaou
Hagar, Joel Neubauer
Clouds and Rain, Margaret Bell
Clouds & Rain, Raindust
Clouds and Rain, Bill Batcher
Promises and Threats, Roger Robison

Editor's comments

19. SPRING 2008

The Heart, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwals
2 poems, Bernard Gieske
Charm, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal
2 poems, C W Hawes
2 poems, Mary Cresswell
2 poems, David Sklar
Japanese Ghazal, Steffen Horstmann
A Ghazal for Majid, Robert Godwin

Editor's comments

18. WINTER 2007

2 poems, Joel Neubauer
Reflections, Margaret Bell
3 poems, Joanna Gardner
Bread, Bill Batcher
2 poems, Cathryn Shea
3 poems, Steffen Horstmann
Dancing, Conrad Geller

17. FALL 2007

9 poems, Esther Greenleaf Mürer
Ghazal: Dust, Gail White
Ghazal: Gone August, Rebecca Byrkit
2 poems, Norman Darlington
2 poems, David Jalajel
2 poems, Bill Batcher
Spiegelbild, Xuan Lin
Getting Through, Bill Batcher
Our Dreams, Jennifer Hudock
2 poems, Julie Wallace
Trails, R. L. Kennedy
Ghazal Considering the Composition of a Sonnet, Steffen Horstmann

Editor's Comments

16. SUMMER 2007

2 poems, Brandy Bauer
Wine Glass, Ahmed Masud
Its Rest, Joel Neubauer
2 poems, Steffen Horstmann
4 poems, Bill Batcher
The Introvert, Jim Doss
This Heart, Samuel Salerno
Mirrors, J. E. Stanley

Editor's Comments

15. SPRING 2007

Memory, Xuan Lin
3 poems, Joan Logghe
2 poems, R. W. Watkins

14. WINTER 2006

A Ghazal For Ramadan, Robert Godwin
Ghazal [Over the hill], Mary Cresswell
To Ghazal Luna, Joel Neubauer
Ghazal for Blood Oranges, Joan Logghe
4 poems, Tree Riesener
In the Waiting Room, Bill Batcher
Tradition, R. L. Kennedy

Editor's Comments

13. SPRING 2006

Inshaallah, David Lunde
Rose Ghazal, Darren Coxon
3 poems, Nell Grey
3 poems, Robert Godwin
I am but a messenger, Rick Miller
2 poems, Mary Ellen Miller

Editor's Comments

12. SUMMER 2006

Whiskey Tears, Kathy Egan
Aelia: A Ghazal, Roger Robison
Reading Beckett, Samuel Salerno
Van Gogh, R. L. Kennedy
Contemplative Ghazal, Red Slider
2 poems, Farshid Kazemi
Cloud Ghazal, Mike Farman
Stardrift ... for Mahmud Kianush ..., Erin Thomas

Editor's Comments

11. SPRING 2006

3 poems, Aazam Abidov
2 poems, Taylor Graham
Ghazal of Morning, Rainforest and Leonard Ng
Debates, Colin Flanigan
Adrien's Ghazal, Karma de Gruy
3 poems, C W Hawes
3 poems, Susan J. Erickson

Editor's Comments

10. WINTER 2005

5 poems, Chris Mooney-Singh
5 poems, h e k s/lavish
2 poems, Aashik
Uluru Sunset, Jamie Duncan
You have always written of the luck, Karim Bahriev trans. Azam Abidov
A Gujarati Ghazal, Pancham Shukla
Tree Frog Ghazal, Judith Kerman
2 poems, Rachel Rawlings
2 poems, Taylor Graham
Tonight, J. E. Stanley
Ghazal for Home, J. M. Jones

Editor's comments

9. SUMMER 2005

King of Silence, John Isaacs-Young
Lying Ghazal, James Schiavoni
Oblivion, Mary L. Mazzocco
I Will Not Give Up, Rick Miller
3 poems, Robert B. Godwin
In My Mind, Maya
2 poems, Tree Riesener
Ghazal Ghazal, David Lunde
Brooklyn Ghazal, Elizabeth Willse
2 poems, R. L. Kennedy

Editor's comments

8. WINTER 2004

The Ghazal, In My Opinion, Majid Mohiuddin
Through All Those Years, Robert B. Godwin
2 poems, Teresa Middleton
2 poems, Alison Marshall
2 poems, Tree Riesener
2 poems,  David Lunde
Ghazal, Joshua Gage
2 poems, Jill Williams

7. SUMMER 2004

3 poems, Vani Kannan
3 poems, Taylor Graham
2 poems, William Dennis
 Ghazal, JBMulligan
A ghazal about you, Bruce Thompson
3 poems, R. L. Kennedy
Ghazal, Sunny Dudley
With You, Tree Riesner
Shades of White, Dawn Ho
A Classical Ghazal, Roger Robison
Ghazal of a Light in the Dark, Matthew Skelly
2 poems, Christina-Marie Umscheid

6. SUMMER 2003

Descansos Antonia Quintana Pigno
2 poems, Peter Hook
2 poems, Daniel Zimmerman
5 poems, Donna Everhart
4 poems, Erin Thomas
Rainbow Bruce Thompson
Gravity Ghazal, Colin Flanigan
Night Stars, Brian Samek

5. WINTER 2003

3 poems, Rainforest
3 poems, Taylor Graham
Kidnapped, Christine Marie Umscheid
Ghazal, Fred C. Dobbs
Manifestation, Erin Thomas
2 poems, R. L. Kennedy
Ghazal After the Death of a Son, Jean Hallingstad
Trading Places at the Wildlife Rescue Center, Francis Masat
Ghazals After Her Passing, Chris Mooney Singh

4. SUMMER 2002

Dark Matter, Deborah P. Kolodji
The Gag of a Vicious Effigy, Midge Lee
Sleep, Erin Thomas
Ghazal Theosophy, Colin Flanigan
Sky, David McElvie
2 poems, Estill Pollock
Ghazal, Bruce Thompson

3. SUMMER 2001

2 poems, Noor Khalsa
Ghazal of the Literal Contradiction, Klipschutz
ABC Discoveries, Jane Reichhold
2 poems, G. Patrice Waltemate
Clinical Trials, Deborah P. Kolodji
Ghazal, Alison Marhsall
Ghazal for Waiting, Red Slider
Blue Ghazal for Ricky Birdsong, Mike Barney
Brim-Full Again, William Dennis
2 poems, Joshua Gage

2. SUMMER 2000

The Long Dances, Sabina Becker
Ghazal, Alison Marshall
Ghazal, Werner Reichhold & Jane Reichhold
The Basement, Christine-Marie Umscheid
Ghazal, Adi Heller
Ionized Ghazal, Red Slider
Ghazal, Alison Marshall
10 poems, Mike Barney
Ghazal, Jane Reichhold
Ghazal, Werner Reichhold
Ghazal, Rick Slottow

1. SUMMER 1999

The Candle (after Ghalib), Noor Singh Khalsa
storm ghazal, Lynnette Hall
The 1999 Ghazal Monsters, Christina-Marie Umscheid
Ghazal, Alison Marshall
The Red Rug Ghazal, Red Slider
2 poems, William Dennis
Couplets for the Living, Anthony Robinson
2 poems, Werner Reichhold
Her, Jane Reichhold