Tracy Fiebiger

Suitcases, airports and rental cars, testing the trusses that support these bridges
Cedars gather beside the highway, familiar faces in open spaces, natural bridges

Ice cones drip down the hotel's frozen courtyard fountain, black ice parking lot
Unlike southern wayfarers, Missourians carry on over winter's sand covered bridges

“Bareback in Kansas" to What Matthew Said", the poet's child emerges from his head
Father figured into the inflection  of his oldest son's civil command of covered bridges

Words wrapped my understanding as I never stood before the man I imagined
Yet I knew the pull of family across generations of carefully built bridges

Warm with welcome, soft with age, overflowing with books, art, and family
We walked his wavy wooden floors as he did before, crossing time worn bridges

Everything made sense in present tense the pieces less than the whole
Dignity a common key arranging the verse and chorus in musical bridges

I thought I went to support a friend but I needed to understand what formed the man
Where does one end and another begin in the obscured edges of friendship's bridges

Easy stillness in the cast of constant flurry, in drought or flood the muses' mother
Rose to the occasion, widowed hostess to outsiders like me forming inside bridges

Honored to have glimpsed the garden of intellectual integrity and capital cleansing
For the word of a man transposed by his hand built poetry for such soul's bridges


TRACY FIEBIGER is an art teacher, artist, and poet from Georgia who was first introduced to the ghazal by Gino's oldest son many years ago. Although she usually writes free verse she enjoys the challenge of the ghazal format and sharing its rich tradition with others. Tracy is also glad that The Ghazal Page is being continued in honor of Gene's memory. This particular ghazal is a reflection upon meeting the family of a dear friend for the first time at the memorial service of his father.