Dawn V. Randall

Woman lies down with her dying husband     rests gently     nearly lost
Cloud shadows blow over      hills changes view    boundaries lost
Villages try to remember     how Satan fell     head or feet first
Keys return to pockets     rings to fingers     wanderers no longer lost
Wet clothes hang on lines     above sweet grass     beyond lilacs     pear trees
Harpies fly through darkened woods     breaking branches     blood lost
Talk of politician     leaving honey mixed with vodka     shoots drunken bear
Not evil spirits     flames burst through holes in earth     peat burns     green lost
Murderers watch in guilt      woman breaks egg with foot     under Forgiving Tree
Steven’s blue guitar fills the night     waking me     sleep lost


DAWN V. RANDALL is a graduate of the Mass College of Art and is an Artist, Poet and Art Educator. Through her studio friendships she was introduced to “The Monday Night Poets" and worked with this group for a number of years in the Boston area. It was this group that introduced Dawn to the form of poetry known as the ghazal. Dawn found that the ghazal was a natural extension of her painting, with suggestions of movement through time.