Sana Shah

So you’ve summoned me here again 
For me will my deeds speak to You again?

They weren’t guilty, what charges imposed
Freedom found itself behind the bars again

In ecstasy the writer gripped his pen 
Suddenly the tears fell on the words again

I hear a voice when it’s almost the end
Shouting it says, “Please come back again”

What ordeals did your believers not face? 
And see you have put them to test once again!

Your wine of sorrow and pain in there glass
Wounded the hearts in the disembodied zone again

Rain must not last if healed your sadness
So my sorrowful smile is freshly born again

Looking for her shadow in hope he waits forever
That too in the vale where the sun will never rise again

Sana, these are faces bedecked with only pretence
Mark some where, someone is forlornly alone again


SANA SHAH is a freelance writer, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, in Srinagar, J&K. Influenced by the bequeathed traditions of Sufi mysticism in Kashmir, Sana had an innate tendency towards Ghazals, and impacted mainly by Urdu poets like Momin Khan Momin, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Mirza Ghalib; then later reading the ghazals by the Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali, Sana took to writing and structurally experimenting with ghazals, concomitantly exploring the themes that can be incorporated in ghazals without violation of the basic technicalities, so as to make the genre of ghazals more inviting to the younger generations for upholding its traditionalistic eternity for centuries together, in the English language as well. Sana welcomes feedback on this poem (