Under your gaze she dances, turns, twists again. 
Keep away! Yet destiny insists again. 
Cold feet in the morning, the battery drained.
A cell phone, flickering, steals a kiss again. 
You lean in to kiss, her hand flies to your hair.
Christ! A girl has discovered your wig again. 
You're boring her stupid; she proffers her glass. 
She gets drunk, drowning out the hubris again. 
You're threatened by every intelligent girl.
What a pity. She's wielding her wit again. 
You hate all the gypsies, gays, niggers and Jews. 
On your shoes, another girl's been sick again. 
It's better you think her some dumb, dirty blonde -- 
She shivers. Her velvet dress unzips again. 
She wants you to leave, so she tarts herself down. 
She neglects to shave her armpits again. 
In the dawn of regret, you go for a shower.
You return, to find that she's split again. 
Your ego is more than the sum of your art. 
So watch out! Lucy's up to her tricks again. 


LIUSAIDH is the pen name of a poet and writer from the West of Scotland. She misspent her youth working and studying overseas in India, Latin America and East Asia. Her travels provide constant inspiration for her work. Lusidh's poetry is distinguished by memorable characters, strong voice, humour, and passion, with much of her work being in the mythic or Romantic tradition. She writes in diverse poetry styles, preferring to pen her work in sonnets, sapphics, sijo and ghazals. Under her pen name LJ McDowall, she writes contemporary fantasy and literary fiction and is poetry editor for The Quarterday Review, a quarterly poetry market for traditional verse.  Her work is forthcoming online and in print, and her first novel, Anathema, will appear shortly. You can find her at her website and on social media @ljmcdowall