The stygian night spurns deep in the dark
The flame of yearning burns deep in the dark.
This dread I have for the night we will meet:
The awe of submission turns deep in the dark.
Moments of truth when the chamber door's shut
Desire snaps home, warns deep in the dark. 
The gallery’s packed, the attorneys prepared: 
The gavel strikes once, adjourns deep in the dark.
Sing, my Beloved, your silken-skein strains: 
The courtesan spins her yarns deep in the dark. 
His spear and his bow the extension of will
His prey concealed by ferns deep in the dark. 
Inked darkness drips heavy on her sari silk
Who knows when she comes, returns deep in the dark? 
Paths strewn with fate, the owl on the branch
She stumbles blind over thorns deep in the dark. 
He searched for his lady by still forest waters
Calm surface, yet currents churn deep in the dark. 
O cherished Belovéd, my siren, love's servant!
Sweet restraint, until you learn deep in the dark. 
Master, sweet Sahib, my lover, my lord!
Alone this slave yearns deep in the dark.
For Liùsaidh with all her masks, mirrors, and smoke,
Knows all you lost, burns deep in the dark. 


LIUSAIDH is the pen name of a poet and writer from the West of Scotland. She misspent her youth working and studying overseas in India, Latin America and East Asia. Her travels provide constant inspiration for her work. Lusidh's poetry is distinguished by memorable characters, strong voice, humour, and passion, with much of her work being in the mythic or Romantic tradition. She writes in diverse poetry styles, preferring to pen her work in sonnets, sapphics, sijo and ghazals. Under her pen name LJ McDowall, she writes contemporary fantasy and literary fiction and is poetry editor for The Quarterday Review, a quarterly poetry market for traditional verse.  Her work is forthcoming online and in print, and her first novel, Anathema, will appear shortly. You can find her at her website and on social media @ljmcdowall