Lukas DeVries
Toss fire to the nitre air tonight, and you shall burn.
You are phantom in settled sand, as I dance macabre.
They're in the building. I must run.
Small eyes flit under masks of birch, heartbeats under charcoal.
Blistered hands open barred holds, they’ll see I dance macabre.
There’s no shelter left, smoke all around.
Laughter in the distance, make light at campfires come and gone.
Eyes widen when fire is snuffed, while I dance. Macabre
Maybe if I sneak through that crack I…
they danced…we dance for the coming lift, storm grows on its own.
The silt soul of tribal winds, for it I danced macabre.
Wait! That’s him there!
But it came ringing bells, celebrating ancient return.
It was not for want of war, that I now dance macabre.
What a sight.  What is he saying?
I must explain, for fire is meaningless to your heart.
It cannot roar, but flicker, until you dance macabre
I can’t hear him; the noise is too far loud.
Oh, I feel my blood plasma beat. I am sun beneath smoke.
Our howls will sound symphony, we'll all dance macabre!
I wonder if he can even hear himself.
Oh I loved it so, felt compassion of kindred kindling.
I couldn't leave you deep inside while I danced macabre.
I wonder…I wonder how I hear myself.
I held my hand over you, told you secret desires.
I want to fly on fading winds, a true dance macabre.
What a silly question.  Must keep my head.

You gave fire to us, but they chained you in agony.
Legend makes a grand prison, to never dance macabre.
What is he holding now?  A…book?
Yes, God was in the details.  Yes, you were there all along.
Chain breaks, burn fast, rise holy ash as we dance macabre.
They're starting a new fire.  Could it be?
Macabre is death, but so is passage.  I go fly now.
My vows are silent as I finally danse macabre.
Oh my God, he’s actually going to…
They called my Jedediah long ago, my destiny.
Let my blackened soul rise with you, as we dance macabre.
… … There’s nothing left. 


LUKAS DEVRIES currently lives in Boulder, CO, attending the University of Colorado.  He is working to graduate with a Degree in English and become a full-fledged author/poet.  The ghazal is one of his ways of trying to rekindle the old passioned voice of poetry.