Mohammad Zahid
Far away, awake stars twinkle deep at night
Dreams, like long leads of light, peep at night
Somehow it lies buried, erased, a resilient truth
Still did you say that, do you sleep at night?
Lights off, curtains drawn, windows, doors shut tight
Something’s still, something’s moving, phantoms leap at night
Oh! It was easy in the day, when everyone was around
Now I am alone on the precipice; climb is steep at night
You labour in the day, sweat, stain, silently suffer, suffocate
And then the fruits of the seeds sown, you reap at night
The day is bright, sweet sounds, smells, sights surround
The dark curtains fall then thereupon, fears creep at night
The day is an aurora, phantasm, unreal; nightfall is a fact
All the day you laugh aloud, I secretly weep at night  
When all days are gone away and clocks stopped ticking
To rest, like a weary long traveler, I shall sleep at night
The wind scatters away the leaves, winter-wards, the autumn ticks
Freshly fallen flowers, on my chest, Zahid, just heap at night


MOHAMMAD ZAHID writes, “My first collection of poems The Pheromone Trail, (2013) is published by Cyberwit. I presented poetry at Guntur International Poetry Festival 2012, and Hyderabad Literary Festivals (2010, 2013). I feature in TIMESCAPES, a collection of poems by 22 Indian poets by Unisun Publications and Reliance Timeout. My poetry has appeared in peer reviewed journals The Four Quarters Magazine and Maulana Azad Journal of English Language & Literature of MANUU Hyderabad and also in Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts as a poet and photographer. I am a contributing editor for Muse India a literary e journal. My poetry and translations from Kashmiri and Urdu feature in Sheeraza, a Journal from Academy of Art Culture and Languages, Srinagar, Kashmir. Love for Ghazals is inspired by Agha Shahid Ali, the great Kashmiri American Poet."