Suzanne Herschell
a blue moon one in an eon the shadow
of eclipse across its creep the shadow
visible barely not blue but hue of orange-red
as if the body bled the deep universe so in shadow
and while the dog outside in the moonlit dark
barked incessantly barked sleepless at shadows
at what disturbed its night once in a blue moon
the measured passage of weeping shadow
inexorable nothing surer other than unspeakable
beyond mind earth’s over moon seeps slow shadow
and in the hours to come a resurrection                               
for the Sunday is Easter’s hallowed shadow
and how many blue moons have there been
when auspicious events collide keep time in shadow
heavenly holy and hellish these obliterations coincide
a century since the Gallipoli defeat’s harrowing shadow
watercolour in search of a trinity the hand
that paints poppies reaps and sows red in shadow
where earth fed the optimism of youth the callow laugh
the blundering and blind lie heaped in silent shadow
all of our missteps' faltering defaults discovered
revealing deceit in the places of inner shadow
sphere of light the blood moon companion of night
romance in star-struck space’s fleeting shadow


SUZANNE HERSCHELL is well known as an artist with numerous exhibitions and awards in New Zealand and internationally. She says, “I have taken to submitting poems to various forums to feel the joy of acceptance of work created in such solo circumstances that then gets a public airing, rather like painting.” She occasionally includes her poems in paintings and has poems published in collections and online: Meniscus, NZ Poetry Society, The Ghazal Page and others.