Jean Syed
The words, move and prove, were both rhymes for love.
How should I move you, prove my chimes for love?
The ghazal travels westward to our taste,
It catalyzes, my enzymes for love.
Ah, do you wish it back, adolescence? 
Beauty or boldness are not primes for love.
Reciprocity, when two hearts meet,
The yin, the yang, are they half dimes for love.
The mother bares her breast, baby suckles.
What would you do without those times for love.
Human beings deceive and are deceived.
Many deceptions are good crimes for love.
Christ went up the hill, bore our sins on his back,
That sacrifice forever climbs for love.
The girl-friend wanting close companionship,
Full orgasmic pleasure she mimes for love.
The rake pursues the virgin with a passion,
And she, passion's fool, begrimes for love.
Go to the beauty-counter at the mall,
Middle-aged women buy snail-slimes— for love!
After your heart attack, husband,
I, Mrs. Syed, serve, comfort, paradigms for love.   


JEAN SYED writes, “I have been published by Dos Madres Press and Kelsay Books. Several of my poems have been published by the online journal The Journal of Formal Poetry. I have been broadcast locally. Also published in The Lyric and several magazines. I recently won first prize for a bawdy lyric. I have a poem forthcoming in The Raintown Review. Poetry is my hobby as I am retired."