Dawn V. Randall

Christ’s home     office and deliveries    gas     shelter     drive on
One skier     rides draft of leader     now first     moves on
Cat pulls green snake      underneath our heater     crack in wall
Telephone rings     no answer     tea kettle sputters     radio still on
Young girl paints     rainbows in purple clouds     whirligigs     spinning suns
Beyond barbed wire     blue jays call     glorious cacophony     we can go on
Choruses at dusk     vibrations     whole welcome wagon of peepers
Once more     father pushes son in wheelchair     marathon is on
A problem for today     in counting     she has an elusive zero
Born in Babylon     how to talk of nothing     on and on


DAWN V. RANDALL is a graduate of the Mass College of Art and is an Artist, Poet and Art Educator. Through her studio friendships she was introduced to “The Monday Night Poets" and worked with this group for a number of years in the Boston area. It was this group that introduced Dawn to the form of poetry known as the ghazal. Dawn found that the ghazal was a natural extension of her  painting, with suggestions of movement through time.