Dawn V. Randall

At the airport      hot chocolate burns      the tired woman     her friend cries
Street lights dim     wind moans         through white birches     another cat cries
Families tell stories in home     in trailers     in tents     singing as water rises
Old man listens to deaf composer’s symphony     knowing     fretful     old man cries
Delivery truck overturns     onions and red cabbages escape     rolling onto highway
Unaffordable new drugs       hopeful with mysterious toxins     woman’s pain continues    sister cries
Story tells of real job shortage     no one laughs or plays harmonica      rent must be paid
Monotonous rain     gully washes     mudslides     child runs      child falls     he cries
Executioner has no face     chosen for his detachment     work without emotion
Tear from eagle’s eye     sullied with shame     for beloved homeland     one nation cries
Danger     no trespassing     third rail of subway track      English sparrow pecks trash
Six pomegranate seeds     six months each of light then darkness     answers Mothers’  cries.


DAWN V. RANDALL is a graduate of the Mass College of Art and is an Artist, Poet and Art Educator. Through her studio friendships she was introduced to “The Monday Night Poets" and worked with this group for a number of years in the Boston area. It was this group that introduced Dawn to the form of poetry known as the ghazal. Dawn found that the ghazal was a natural extension of her painting, with suggestions of movement through time.