Suzanne Herschell

crab apples are falling in wind whipping sprays of fruit
small and brilliant bunched in crimson bouquets of fruit
I think of her in my childhood how ancient she seemed
not more than I now picking the autumnal display of fruit
trees festooned with reddening baubles aglow
shed loaded brilliance in a ballet of pirouetting fruit
as each leaf-turning gust sweeps before it years of ritual
the memory of Monet summers that nurtured us and fruit
time to gather the freshness for her jelly repeat her story
simmer till fluffy hang in muslin a day straining sap of fruit
dripping silent juice weigh boil with so much sugar before
squeeze of lemon conveys zest to sweet nectar of fruit
a spidery recipe on wrinkled skin-thin tissue celebrates
and portrays the palatable beauty of the Malus fruit
through ruby jars of remembrance her memorial she lives
Elsie’s bountiful love no cliché this the greatest of fruit


SUZANNE HERSCHELL is well known as an artist with numerous exhibitions and awards in New Zealand and internationally. She says, “I have taken to submitting poems to various forums to feel the joy of acceptance of work created in such solo circumstances that then gets a public airing, rather like painting.” She occasionally includes her poems in paintings and has poems published in collections and online: Meniscus, NZ Poetry Society, The Ghazal Page and others.