Alexander Tokarev

Spilling between moist palms of eager hands
Impatient acorns yearn for earth's damp breath
To taste the green and tender life
To force roots into the flux of struggle
To scatter again the twisted secrets of oak

Sprawling under the searing eye of the sun
Limbs pinned in a moment of suspended breath
To feel the fury of heaven's fire
To reify sharp radiance and fickle rain
To imprint hard soil with ancient memories of oak

Kneeling before the cracked and splintered logs
The poet metes out dry kindling and dry breath
To feed a curling crimson track
To transfigure a spark with crackling life
To coax a final inferno from the heart of oak


ALEXANDER TOKAREV discovered the Ghazal form through one of his favorite ex-girlfriends.  He is better at reading poetry than writing it and doesn't know three words of Russian.