Suzanne Herschell

nasturtiums never failing are invasive in bright sun
nothing too daunting  height density nor searing sun
clasping green tendrils fasten through swathes
a tapestry of tight-woven rays of sun
wired for talk of seeding and infringement
festooned with sprites heralding earthly suns                      
the trumpeting cry as gaudy growth conquers
and defies winter’s bite on beds bereft of sun                      
from striking weed to garden dominance they
adorn salad days ignite the pungent flame of sun
cicadas soar to crescendo in a nasturtium blaze
that delights with brimful blooms redolent of sun


SUZANNE HERSCHELL is well known as an artist with numerous exhibitions and awards in New Zealand and internationally. She says, “I have taken to submitting poems to various forums to feel the joy of acceptance of work created in such solo circumstances that then gets a public airing, rather like painting.” She occasionally includes her poems in paintings and has poems published in collections and online: Meniscus, NZ Poetry Society, The Ghazal Page and others.