Siham Karami

The task of teaching men never succeeds
For those who lost the gratitude of seeds. 

My mother taught me bending on our knees,
A love of worms, the sisterhood of seeds. 

The seven heavens and their seven names—
Every one of them alludes to seeds. 

Supersized tomatoes, sweetless apples...
Taste washed out when we subdued the seeds. 

Cumin, coriander, cardamom,
Anise, caraway—well-reviewed seeds. 

New generations question protocols. 
So much depends on how your care proceeds. 

Once we were just drops inside an ocean
Until a spark discharged and spewed the seeds. 

Lightning, like an arrow to the heart,
Electrifies a multitude of seeds.


SIHAM KARAMI's poetry appears or will appear in The Comstock Review, Measure, Unsplendid, Möbius, String Poet, The Centrifugal Eye, Mezzo Cammin, Angle Poetry, Wordgathering, Loch Raven Review, Snakeskin, Raintown Review, The Lavender Review, Atavic Poetry, Innisfree Journal, and the anthology Irresistible Sonnets, among other places. A Pushcart Prize nominee, she was inspired to write ghazals by the work of Agha Shahid Ali and Roger Sedarat.