Huma Azeem

Every shut window unwrap, when it rains
Erstwhile forlorn me entrap, when it rains

I keep on throbbing more and more and then
Forget vicious tongue and slap, when it rains

Forgetful as I may but time again
Extract every gaze and clap, when it rains

Let go of faded foe and friends or when
My heart though carry map, when it rains

I continue to mumble in my head
But can't hold my thrum and tap, when it rains

Guising all the dismay under delight
Then I undo ev'ry strap, when it rains

The thirsty mountain in and out are drench
Droplets come on window wrap, when it rains

Turning clime earth and skies upside down
Boggled witness cosmic swap, when it rains


HUMA AZEEM is an Up-and-Coming poetess and short story writer. She belongs to an art loving family and thus inherit the love of poetry from both her parents. She started writing Urdu couplets while attending high school and learned the traditional form by reading Urdu poetry's Legends as Mirza Ghalib, Mirza Daagh Dehlvi, Meer Derd, Allama Iqbal, Ahmad Faraz, Amjad Islam Amjad, Qateel Shifai, Munir Niazi and so on. Huma first fell in love with English poetry while reading Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey's poetry 5 years ago and thus begin her romance with English poetry. She recently discovered that her beloved Ghazal had entered the realm of English poetry and once again, she embarks on her journey with Ghazal as her destination. Huma plans to get her work published in coming years. She currently resides in Ukraine with her husband. She can be contacted at humajaved (at) live (dot) com.