Sophia Pandeya

“The light of no one’s eye am I”
Zafar, before exile lamenting

Her fingers caress the couplets
Side by side like lovers laying

To plume in a poem, mirror
Petal gaze of a poet king 

Leap between lips a flame
Rose, remembrance burning

Pines for the perfect worship
Drop of sun in ocean’s kissing

Puts all cupbearers to shame
Drunken peris spill their wings 

Naz of gulmohur blossom rains
Delhi’s Mughal spring weeping


SOPHIA PANDEYA writes, “I am an Asian-American poet. Publications include Cactus Heart, Askew Poetry, Bank Heavy Press and Spilled Ink as well as Poetry International, The Adirondack Review, The Daily O,  Lantern Journal, Convergence Journal AntiSerious and Full Of Crow. My debut  poetry collection, Peripheries, was published by Cyberhex Press in September.  Naz is my takkhallus."