William Dennis

Less I know why I grieve
than what I feel elation for, but winter stands for something
spring is consolation for.
Our grief, a poet might describe; 
I can only say—it’s that we've made our years
of love in compensation for.
Turn and look at what, together, 
we have come to be; we stand as one—that’s worth
enduring all privation for.
I thirst for drink, for food I hunger, 
but find satisfaction; love, you are what my life is
all one long starvation for.
The Baptist and the Prophet called
to others when God called; and Bill, the bond with her
is what you have vocation for.


WILLIAM DENNIS encountered ghazal on a trip to Delhi, and has been fascinated by the form, its atmosphere and its history for years.  His work has appeared previously on The Ghazal Page and in Contemporary Ghazals, R. W. Watkins, editor.  He has a two books of ghazal, available at Amazon in electronic format: Better Than Truth—Not Quite Translations, after Ghalib and Foreign Language—Exploring the Ghazal in English.