Sandra Anfang

My fears of aging
Swallowed by the floating kelp.
The joys of self-expression
Ride the raft of floating kelp.
Love radiates from every pore
Seeps into the floating kelp.
The beauty of my first-born
Reflected in the floating kelp.
The grief of separation from a man I love
Buoyed on the bier of floating kelp.
The body’s weakening
Wheeled on the gurney of floating kelp.
My lonely days
Witnessed by the floating kelp.
The sanctuary of home
Entangled in the floating kelp.
The cold blue light of commerce
Unnoticed by the floating kelp.
The inauthentic self
Shunned by the floating kelp.
Summer’s first blushing tomato
Bobbing on the floating kelp.


SANDRA ANFANG is a poet, teacher, and visual artist. Her poems have appeared in Poetalk, San Francisco Peace and Hope, West Trestle Review, Tower Journal, Clementine, Corvus, Unbroken, Silver Birch Press, and many others. She is a California Poet/Teacher in the Schools and hosts a monthly poetry series in Petaluma, CA. Sandra has just begun to experiment with writing ghazals in the last month and is entranced with the simplicity and elegance of the form, which leaves so much room for back story and reflection.