Kim Suttell 

The fruit tree yielding fruit, whose seed is in itself upon the Earth.
Brought forth from grass and herb, the seed is in itself upon the Earth.
Fresh water lilies spread a pavement over ponds for creeping spore.
With moss and fern in hums, hiss reed as wisp of stealth upon the Earth.
In clover meadow, bee-flight dells, bloomed shrubs convene with nettled brush
to shelter butterflies, all breed of linnet sylph upon the Earth.
Dank jungles fierce with vines entangled leaves of poison flowers twist.
Thick canopy to scrub receding into veldt upon the Earth.
Rice, mangroves, marshy shallows. Under willows pollen oarsmen flow.
Bent cattails trail the way to reef aswim with kelp upon the Earth.
Trimmed hedges, fences. Cultivation. Potted plants with pesticides.
In spite of chemicals, in weed is lawn engulfed upon the Earth.
Deforestation, drought and flood, spoilt tundra, squandered soil, and greed,
exploiting war, and other evil limit tilth upon the Earth.
The dust of what was green is not a subtle provocation. Hear.
All care that living plant will need is in myself, upon the Earth.


KIM SUTTELL thought she knew everything about poetry, and then she met ghazals. Her other poems are feeling under-accomplished. Please visit them at