Tracy Fiebiger

Dandelion among the hybrid rose bushes
What wildflowers dream no one knows

Gardenia unfolds her fragrant fragile  secrets
Wisteria's untold whispers the best he knows

He prefers bright annuals tight in bud
White watered seasons only she knows

Tiny heirloom chandeliers on tall leafy spears
Welcome trespassers across time family knows

Snapdragons resurface with ruffled rainbow roar
Wisdom withstands the beauty each flower knows

Transient blush of salmon daffodils across green fields
Willow hush rooted deep beneath the fuss desire knows


TRACY FIEBIGER is an art teacher, artist, and poet from Georgia who was first introduced to the ghazal by Gino's oldest son many years ago. Although she usually writes free verse she enjoys the challenge of the ghazal format and sharing its rich tradition with others. Tracy is also glad that The Ghazal Page is being continued in honor of Gene's memory.