Roz Levine

Naked in moonlight, rifle blasts crack the LA night
As the Iraqi war vet on our street reaches breakdown
Crazed from a decade of blood splattered dreams
Of babies and mothers dying on breakdown
He hears Middle Eastern voices keening screams
Baby killer, baby killer, words that bring him to breakdown
Last night his wife gave up, smashed the bedroom door
Left him to bang walls with his coke love on breakdown
His pet crocodile swims fetid waters of the backyard pool
While police helicopters swarm overhead on his breakdown
We grab the cell phone,  hide our shaking flesh in the closet
Wait there for someone’s life to end in a breakdown

ROZ LEVINE is a Los Angeles poet who has been writing since she was a girl in pigtails. When she retired several years ago, she committed herself to honoring the creative part of her life that cannot survive without the beauty and power of words. She is a member of the Los Angeles Poet and Writers Collective and has published several chapbooks. In addition her works can be found in books,magazines and on-line sites including The Sun, On the Bus, Deliver Me, MO+TH, Forever In Love, FRE&D, The Juice Bar,Poetry Super Highway, Silver Birch Press Anthologies, Pulse and Blink/Ink.