Eric Torgersen

Only the well-designed is beautiful?
Only the clearly defined is beautiful?

Years of study, talk and contemplation.
Only the most refined is beautiful?

Not the woman but the conceptual frame
in which she lies so gracefully reclined is beautiful?

In the legendary Kingdom of Clear Sight,
the heightened receptivity of the blind is beautiful.

They have no right to be here so, and yet
every shape they make, entwined, is beautiful.

They’re face to face, at times their eyes too meet,
and also the entry from behind is beautiful.

What sweet pain for the moralist aesthete—
those moments when the least kind is beautiful.

Of prisoners of conscience in a cell,
in certain lights, the most resigned is beautiful.

How old were you when you first realized
how frequently the most maligned is beautiful?

If you see Eric, tell him he’s all right.
At least he tries. Not every mind is beautiful.


ERIC TORGERSEN is Emeritus Professor of English at Central Michigan University. His most recent collection of poems is Heart, Wood. (Word Press, 2012). He has published ghazals in New Letters, New Ohio Review, Pleiades, 32 Poems, New Madrid, Spillway and others, including an earlier issue of The Ghazal Page.