Erika Glass

A cherry and plum colored bruise, shining
Dark blue at the end of a fuse, shining.
Breathe in a lie, and then heave it back up,
Easy-to-bend, weak excuse, shining.
Thin crack down the middle, a broken-jewel island
Reflecting in pale, scar-pink hues, shining.
Gather these things: feathers, twigs, rusted nails,
What pain from the hunt will you use, shining?
An insect or human swan dives off a ledge
Does it notice the sun in its view, shining?
That which you keep locked in a black velvet box
What there are you willing to lose? Shining.
Erika, tell, what grey smudge in the dust
Will be left where there used to be you? Shining. 


ERIKA GLASS is a 21-year-old undergraduate English student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She fell in love with the ghazal after being introduced to the form at the Aegean Arts Circle Global Writer's Workshop in Andros, Greece. Erika finds joy in the ghazal's simultaneous pattern and spontaneity; its rhythm and wildness. Also a visual artist, Erika enjoys piecing the lines together to create a mosaic of images and meanings laced together by the ghazal form.