Nilesh Mondal

What do we wait for, to find at dawn
There'd be sunlight of some kind at dawn.

My heart is a crater now, an abyss of sort
All my wounds I'll have to bind at dawn.

There is a river that flows in the ridges of your palms
Trying to swim in it, I fell behind at dawn.

For us God plucks feathers, to make us fly
Our fates have been bought and signed at dawn.

It was all consensual, I swear, your honour
I never left words between stones to grind at dawn.

The night I died, I was too drunk to kiss
I was caught by an officer and fined at dawn.

“What is the point of this ghazal, Nilesh?"
I'm afraid I might have lost my mind at dawn.


NILESH MONDAL is an undergraduate in engineering who believes in the power of expression that poetry offers, talks to himself at times, and goes through life one day at a time. He likes ghazals because they remind him of his childhood mornings spent listening to records of Begum Akhtar and Jagjit Singh that his mother fondly collected.