Seree Cohen Zohar

i.m. Ronit Levy

What mood, of tinder rared to spark… away I turn today
to dusting books and fluffing quilts before we burn today.
Does your sun squint?  Grumble-throat.  Ah!  Shamefaced squall , stalling while
eyes register the fresh-cut coral phlox with fern today.
Makes my skin crawl.  An oath knots you to loathe these junk-food cliques
of kin: the writing’s on the wall.  O to adjourn today!
So shrug, sigh! you almost-shout, preempting habits of yore.
Creep of itchy hours; for tomorrow, I yearn today.
Doctor, doctor, boomboodiboom, a heart’s a-churn.  Sweet one,
send the sour curse away!  Purse tamp red-pen kern today.
In silence dressed.  Lockjaw stock.  Two by two this Tuesday.
Pasted smile discerned: steer clear of your bow and stern today.
I cast my lot: I like these folks.  Your Everest of rites
and wrongs to chafe over are none of my concern today.
Slippers, armchair, new critiques of Chaucer ease your mind.
Night pings under skin, pillows croon.  We two unlearn today.


SEREE COHEN ZOHAR: Influenced by Australian landscapes and farming in Israel, Seree’s work appears in print and online venues internationally.  She lectures on the intersection of literal and esoteric in Genesis; and collaborated with Alan Sullivan on a recently published versified translation, Psalms of King David.