D. Russel Micnhimer

you will not win when your windows are all washed
clear vision is filled with vanished bugs, all mashed

drones on unplanned convoluted unagendated paths
take skewed video until dead battery stalls, crashed

home runs are scarce as hens teeth on fourth of July
umpires refereeing extra innings with all calls bashed

dots with lines running between connecting naughts
tie the ratio of the unknown into wired walls crashed

diced tomorrows project yesterdays most immediacies
incorrect strategies lead to comprehensive balls hashed

only more study of parameters will lead to better forms
now though these words must suffice, Russel's cached.


D. RUSSEL MICNHIMER has been writing poetry for forty five years while working at a variety of jobs and traveling through much of the world pursuing his interests in the archaeology of ancient civilizations and rock art. He is author of several books on rock art, fiction and poetry including his latest collection Notes to Be Left with the Gatekeeper published by Global Fraternity of Poets which earned him the honor of Poet Laureate from that group. A second book by the same press, Leaves and Pebbles, has recently been published. His newest book called Lotus Mirage: 52 New Ghazals In English is available in a limited first edition. He holds a degree from the University of Oregon. Visit http://meaningofrockart.com/lotus_mirage.htm