William Dennis

Our telescopes found something
great exploding in the sky— the myth of God
the incarnate, decoding in the sky.
While warming toward the sun
evokes God’s love in even me, feel soul and soul-mate
in time’s stream, eroding in the sky.
What fell long days to earth
bore scarce the malice to explain my many secret
cruelties, corroding in the sky.
How tempting it seemed, once, 
to see in species’ evolution a mold for spirit’s
progress, now imploding in the sky.
Your modern Marys fear
our abstract age in literal bones, and close their eyes
in prayer against forebodings in the sky.
But what replaces feeling
as the basis for your faith in love and nature, 
truth and justice, floating in the sky?
Great Jove resolves back into thunder,
and devils to Iagos; the crowd remains, 
though actors are eloping in the sky.
Angels, devils, gods
and God have paid their bills and gone; what’s left, not great
nor fair—mankind, groping in the sky.


WILLIAM DENNIS lives and writes at the junction of PA, MD and DE.  His work has appeared most recently in Contemporary Ghazals, published by Robert Watkins.  More of his work is on display at The Last Resort Gallery. Two books of ghazal in Kindle format may be purchased through Amazon, Foreign Language: Exploring the Ghazal in English, and Better than Truth, Not Quite Translation of Ghalib, as well as other volumes of verse and fiction.