Sana Shah

She lived, knowing for the want of dreams her mind was lost
Pitying those who just exist and wander with the purpose lost

Lost about the world I sat pensively in the class
When the teacher screamed, “Oh you, wastrel— just get lost!”

The benighted lady always slept soon after the dawn
Mindful that in this world of pandemonium, better be lost

Out with swords and daggers to murder each other
For imparting justice, see how neatly the empathy we lost

Be sensible; now don’t transform it in a holy war
It’s only a game— some have won and some have lost

God hears apologies more, we read impious howlers more
Could the Paradise regained ever cover up for Paradise lost

Defective loudspeakers and now the stage too seized
Why regret now— An opportunity lost once is so forever lost

Sana, there is nothing to lose then why fear losing?
No one loses there again, where all once before they lost!   


SANA SHAH is a freelance writer, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, in Srinagar, J&K. Influenced by the bequeathed traditions of Sufi mysticism in Kashmir, Sana had an innate tendency towards Ghazals, and impacted mainly by Urdu poets like Momin Khan Momin, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Mirza Ghalib; then later reading the ghazals by the Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali, Sana took to writing and structurally experimenting with ghazals, concomitantly exploring the themes that can be incorporated in  ghazals without violation of the basic technicalities, so as to make the genre of ghazals more inviting to the younger generations for upholding its traditionalistic eternity for centuries together, in the English language as well.