Huma Azeem

Sorting out my jumbled heart and love of yours and mine
Every step and breath for me is crossing crimson mine

Hanging with a string is hope of future yet so thin
Making everyone to feel its warmth and brightly shine

Might I fail in seeking what I dreamt of and aspire
I should take  a path anew with heart and soul combine

Eating every word of mine with hunger and deceit
Soulful heart  wont seek revenge avoid it when it dine

Once I thought I might end up in morgue but ugly truth
Still I lived and felt alive and somehow manage fine

Oath of life and death was made in surly moments high
One lived and bounce while someone lays silent under pine

Joy of prickly skin in sun, lost with nuclear clouds
Passing every old and young with thirst and crossing Rhine


HUMA AZEEM is an Up-and-Coming poetess and short story writer. She belongs to an arts loving family and thus inherit love of poetry from both her parents. She started writing Urdu couplets while attending high school and learned the traditional form by reading Urdu poetry's Legends as Mirza Ghalib, Mirza Daagh Dehlvi, Meer Derd, Allama Iqbal, Ahmad Faraz, Amjad Islam Amjad, Qateel Shifai, Munir Niazi and so on. Huma first fell in love with English poetry while reading Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey's poetry 5 years ago and thus begin her romance with English poetry. She recently discovered that her beloved Ghazal had entered the realm of English poetry and once again, she embarks on her journey with Ghazal as her destination. Huma plans to get her work published in coming years. She currently resides in Ukraine with her husband. She can be contacted at humajaved (at) live (dot) com.