Tracy Fiebiger

The road to yesterday never clearly arrives
Making meaning from water colored hearts

Smoothing the purpose beneath the thin surface
My favorites serve resilience to broken hearts

The greater the pain the stronger the compassion
Acquired reason for dreams wished upon hearts

She clearly forgot or was simply never taught
The providence of propriety and self esteemed hearts

I miss her more as time moves on, not less
As I reach her ages I remember her in turquoise hearts

Feeling with open eyes, thinking within movement
Free style alternating backstroke in chlorinated hearts


TRACY FIEBIGER is an art teacher, artist, and poet from Georgia who was first introduced to the ghazal by Gino's oldest son many years ago. Although she usually writes free verse she enjoys the challenge of the ghazal format and sharing its rich tradition with others. Tracy is also glad that The Ghazal Page is being continued in honor of Gene's memory.