Anastasia Vassos

        for Denny

The ocean roars, the sand shifts under heart
of darkness, and seeps through the veils of a misled heart.

The car up ahead held a sign that read don’t
give up
 the pentimento of your fading heart.

The pounding sound of waves rings in my ears,
waves pound the shore, pounding heart.

The days before Christmas, wrapped in the chill of winter’s
arms, you drifted into slumber’s heart.

The moon scrapes the ocean like butter on granite,
the figure ashore surrenders to nature’s dark heart.

My only regret is our time ran out like a thief
in the night before I opened my heart.

The edge of the ocean, the boundary of time,
mean nothing to the infinite grief of a darkened heart.

Now I, Anastasia, ask who I am without you
to guide the straying tendrils of my human heart.


ANASTASIA VASSOS is a poet living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. As a vice president for a global engineering firm, she follows in the footsteps of other poets whose day jobs differed wildly from that of poetry: Dana Gioia, Wallace Stevens, Ted Kooser. She enjoys the challenge of employing traditional forms to write poetry that is modern and current. Her poetry has been published most recently in “Haibun Today", “Blast Furnace"; “Right Hand Pointing"; and “Literary Bohemian".