William Dennis

Oh, God, I’ve played the dark
apostle all these years—no more now; since all my preaching sought
was truth, not pity’s tears—no more now.
The darker side of love, 
refining envy to resentment—I’ll greet those brave enough
to love with jealous jeers no more now.
My hunger for the taste
of words that never passed my lips, too late I see could only
have been eased through ears no more now.
It’s not that indignation
is inherently a vice, but hope ulterior
disgruntlement appears no more now.
You’ve had the knack
of reckless interfering all your life, Bill; concerning risk then, let us
hear your undue fears no more now.


WILLIAM DENNIS lives and writes at the junction of PA, MD and DE.  His work has appeared most recently in Contemporary Ghazals, published by Robert Watkins.  More of his work is on display at The Last Resort Gallery. Two books of ghazal in Kindle format may be purchased through Amazon, Foreign Language: Exploring the Ghazal in English, and Better than Truth, Not Quite Translation of Ghalib, as well as other volumes of verse and fiction.