David Jalajel

unobscure, the sky as hazy as how our hatred
retreats along this coast, surely the body tries
a puny dissipation, pushes down here in the surf
where, as rivals, we stand hoping this place ties
our obscurantism to forgotten things: itches, urges,
or how one unforgettable slip of the mind complies
with letting you touch me, lets me feel these hard lips
on your eardrums lilt, the daylight full on your eyes
but if there isn’t all this sundriness, if it isn’t i
who’s summering cold, and you can’t prioritize
then it’s a little too late for an assignation, the sea
churning, spilling over these contours we despise


DAVID JALAJEL David Jalajel is the author of Moon Ghazals (Beard of Bees Press, 2009), a full length poem in Sapphic stanzas entitled Cthulhu on Lesbos (Ahadada Books, 2011), and a chapbook in Dan Waber’s This is Visual Poetry series (2013). His work has appeared in a number of online and print journals, including Otoliths, Shampoo, experiential-experimental-literature, Recursive Angel, and The New Post-Literate. Poems in the “qasida” series have appeared in past issues of The Ghazal Page as well as in Anti-, Lynx, and Mizna.