Suzanne Herschell

the early morning still
cool quiet among new growth still
visible perceptively stretching tendrils
cellular life renews in night still
the garden’s windless air of fresh chill
its peace mine eluding still    
walled world from world this green
earth’s lingering silence too loud still
his voice yet sounding in tangled branch
miniature Kowhai’s myriad leaves grew still
notes faintly falling   his sightlessness intense
toward clay hewed to clay cast dust-bound still                   
hand to indigenous shape sculpted in deed
lyric lines true beyond word still
seeping reality into every pore
the impromptu rip of morning grief raw still

early the wound   a moment   a year
awash with absence memory in lieu still


SUZANNE HERSCHELL is well known as an artist with numerous exhibitions and awards in New Zealand and internationally. She says, “I have taken to submitting poems to various forums to feel the joy of acceptance of work created in such solo circumstances that then gets a public airing, rather like painting.” She occasionally includes her poems in paintings and has poems published in collections and online: Meniscus, NZ Poetry Society, The Ghazal Page and others.