Sandra Anfang

Self-doubt sloughs off like onion skins
Disappears into the raven’s eye.
My fears of loneliness
Absorbed within the raven’s eye.
A broken love affair
Preserved within the raven’s eye.
The love of children
Dancing in the raven’s eye.
Long days of writing
Etched upon the raven’s eye.
Long-held friendships
Celebrated in the raven’s eye.
The loss of loved ones
Mirrored in the raven’s eye.
The call of night birds
recorded in the raven’s eye.
Tenderness for your child self, Sandra
Framed within the raven’s eye.


SANDRA ANFANG is a poet, teacher, and visual artist. Her poems have appeared in Poetalk, San Francisco Peace and Hope, West Trestle Review, Tower Journal, Clementine, Corvus, Unbroken, Silver Birch Press, and many others. She is a California Poet/Teacher in the Schools and hosts a monthly poetry series in Petaluma, CA. Sandra has just begun to experiment with writing ghazals in the last month and is entranced with the simplicity and elegance of the form, which leaves so much room for back story and reflection.