Eric Torgersen

Caught in a double bind these days?
Shredded by the grind these days?

Six-day weeks and overtime
and still you fall behind these days?

No matter what you drink or smoke,
you never quite unwind these days?

Just a little love would help,
but she’s not so inclined these days?

You know you need to catch a break
but you don’t know what kind these days?

Your life is sliding down the tubes
and you’re just numb, resigned these days?

The freak in the mirror’s telling you
you just might lose your mind these days?

What else is new, Ric? It’s a life.
A good one’s hard to find these days.


ERIC TORGERSEN is Emeritus Professor of English at Central Michigan University. His most recent collection of poems is Heart, Wood. (Word Press, 2012). He has published ghazals in New Letters, New Ohio Review, Pleiades, 32 Poems, New Madrid, Spillway and others, including an earlier issue of The Ghazal Page.