Yousuf bin Mohammad 

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.
- Rumi

My Love, in heaven, Sings aloud of me tonight
Shahid Ali would have been proud of me tonight.

“Infidel heart, from disbelief, is back to Me
he weeps and prays, his head thus bowed of Me tonight!

So let the heavens and the earth of this be warned
No one would stop his Praising loud of Me tonight!"

my lonely idol cries in temples, grief stricken
“There's no one left to sing aloud of me tonight."

i go to meet my Love, and here you cry for love!
Why don't you sit and knit this shroud of me tonight?

This life thus spent as fleeting fume from a fragrance
May Love forgive this rising cloud of me tonight.

Don't weep on Yousuf's death, don't mourn but sing of Love
His love was Loved, go tell this crowd of me tonight...


YOUSUF BIN MOHAMMAD works as a digitization assistant with Juma al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage (the JUMA al Majid Group) while pursuing physics by distance learning mode. He is equally interested in poetry, philosophy and psychology. Some of his Urdu poems have been published on Rekhta, a single Hindi poem appeared on Swargvibha, a few of his English poems have been published on VisualVerse, he regularly contributes issue-based poetry to The Companion monthly as well