Alexander Tokarev

The whole world and all the ways within will end when I die
Every road will wind downward and down to despair when I die

All the colors and the faces will drift beyond my futile grasp
Every word and footfall will slip away from my ears when I die

The force of my dying will be weathered, softened, drenched in air
Clay and water will wash away my soul, scour my tears when I die

My eyes will drown in the rich brown of the long forgiving soil
My bones will be clad in the dark fleshly raiment of Earth when I die

In the final flicker of knowing, wisdom will be firmly wedged
I will burn keener, brighter, than the angel of dawn, when I die

Wide as the world I will sweep open the wind of my embrace
I will die with love like the weft of the world, when I die


ALEXANDER TOKAREV discovered the Ghazal form through one of his favorite ex-girlfriends.  He is better at reading poetry than writing it and doesn't know three words of Russian.