Alexander Tokarev

In a dream I sent a whirlwind
to stir up your heart
to sweep up your heart
and summon you beside the wind

In the streets and on the hills
the leaves are fluttering
the breeze is fluttering
larks and lovers glide the wind

Love is a chariot of clouds
and the clouds are racing
and our pulse is racing
together, we ride the wind

Roofs and mountains jut like knives
only the sharpest blade
only the swiftest blade
ever could divide the wind

From a bitter place blew a storm
and the clouds were dark
and her eyes were dark
thunderheads astride the wind

On mountains my love seeks exile
wandering the high peaks
nailed among the high peaks
to measure out how wide the wind

In a dream I called your name
but the streets were empty
and the hills were empty
and “Mary," cried the wind.


ALEXANDER TOKAREV discovered the Ghazal form through one of his favorite ex-girlfriends.  He is better at reading poetry than writing it and doesn't know three words of Russian.