How to Talk to Boys

A twenty year-old frat boy told me women aren't rational.
I argued.  Logic was my best subject. I apply my talk to boys.

My boyfriend sat silent until he left, only to say,
"He doesn't speak for me. I love your mind. Why talk to boys?"

And my tongue too tied up in how we are judged by how we
React to them, they the center, to thereby talk to boys.

If you can get a word in. If you can get yourself in.
Convince them you think, if their mommas had, by talk to boys.

And me I was a belongingless thing. Hanging along.
Nothing to look at. A girl unqualified to talk to boys.

But they can be glamorous in heels and fishnet stockings
Exposed muscle over corsets solidify talk to boys.

Wrap them in rough hemp rope. Bind their sweet arms and naked thighs.
Cut them until they beg for more: that's how I
Talk to boys.


Marie Vibbert is an IT professional in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work has appeared in Analog, Asimov's, and other magazines.  She is a member of SFPA, just discovered ghazals and has ridden 15% of the world's roller coasters.