Matt, son of founder Gene Doty, has edited the Ghazal Page since August 2016.  He writes only under pseudonyms, and without great merit, but has read the Ghazal Page since its inception.



Holly Jensen, photo by Adam Brodsky, The Ghazal Page.jpg

Holly Jensen’s work has appeared or is upcoming in PANK Magazine, the minnesota review, The Midwest Quarterly, and Pear Noir! She is the author of Selected Timelines: Past and Future (Neon Books, 2014). Her traditional and free verse ghazals have appeared in The Ghazal PageKestrelTilt-a-WhirlDamazine, Clockwise Cat, Defenestration Magazine, and elsewhere. She first fell in love with Jim Harrison’s bawdy, tender free verse ghazals over 10 years ago and learned the traditional form after stumbling across The Ghazal Page. She calls Cleveland, Ohio home.




Gene Doty founded The Ghazal Page in 1999 and served as editor until 2014 (you may know him better as Gino Peregrini). He also acted as moderator of the ghazal forum at AHA Poetry Forums and authored Zero: 30 Ghazals (AHA Books, 1998). Up to 1988, he published under the name Eugene Warren. His books include Geometries of Light (Harold Shaw Publishers, 1980) and Nose to Nose (Brooks Books, 1998), and his work has appeared in Natural Bridge, Cave Region Review, and elsewhere. Gene taught writing and literature at Missouri University of Science & Technology for 40 years.