Did the wind slap the cavity of a heart’s hall? God knows
Is the shack mourning as holocaust peels its wall? God knows

The wanton wind seduces and fondles the arrow’s shaft
Is my gullet forever tied in sorrow gall? God knows

A man’s reasons are measured by the dipping of a stick
Can refraction bury senses to a downfall? God knows

Madness now overhauls saneness on a mellow sea track
If discriminated again, whom must I call? God knows

Forty times *Izrail’s hands shave the copse of pruritus breath
Did an autumn gold gleam as it sprees into fall? God knows

The cyst of *Shangri-La now swells on a slave’s weltered face
Will an owl ever smooch the moon draping snowfall? God knows

Din’s yearning tide anchored on the shore of his beloved
Angels cruise on carol coaster, hymning their all: God knows

* Izrail – Angel of Death in Islam
*Shangri-La – A utopia that is described in James Hilton’s (1933) novel, Lost Horizon.

Muhammad Sallahudin Bin Abdul Rahim is a minimalist who dedicate his life to spirituality. His interest and passion in Sufism induced his love for poetry and influenced his outlook on life, prompting him to take the road less travelled.