Sudha Dixit



I  wandered   around  the  park  all  alone,

Looked  at  the  children  playing ,

It  was  a  pleasurable  sight

Yet  I  felt  so  lonely


I  saw  a  couple  splashing  water

On  each  other  in  playful  mood,

I  smiled  with  fond  delight,

But  I  felt  so  lonely


I  am   like  a  solitary  swan

Sitting  in  a  dry, sandy  lake

No  one  there  to  share  my  plight

And  I  felt  so  lonely


The  empty  nest  syndrome  has  pain

From  judging  others  I  ever  abstain,

Though  wallowing  in  fancy’s  flight,

I, really,  felt  so  lonely


This  state  of  affair  has  become

A   permanent   way   of  life

I  have  made  this  burden  light

Even  then  I  feel  so  lonely


Sudha Dixit, nee Sudha Sharma. Born & brought up in U P. Graduated  from  AMU, did  masters  ( English literature) from Lucknow university and studied Law  in BHU.  Presently  settled in Bangalore. Career wise had 15 years stint in real estate. Now  painting  landscapes  and  portraits & writing  poetry / articles on net  and various magazines, including print media.