Dennis M. Lane

I stand before the shrine, enamoured, surrounded by my bold breath
You, an ancient rock beneath a crystal shroud, with not one cold breath 

Purple down cloaking your angel’s wings, the bed upon which you lay,
have lain since your fall to Earth, when you spent that last cruelly sold breath 

My heart beats, calls out to you, my Goddess, but your breast does not stir
Each day I entreat you to return, but I see no cajoled breath 

Those who remain outside the walls would strike me down if they but knew
that I watch, and wait, praying to you, hoping for that foretold breath 

Lost souls that merely exist in the darkness that enfolds the land
They do not know your beauty, and would fear the touch of age old breath 

Ruby eyes, precious jewels to some, source — I pray — of loving glances
Yet still you lie unmoving, ignoring my cries you withhold breath 

As I grow old my limbs stiffen, becoming the stone that I love
I, named the Archivist at my birth, await that first controlled breath


DENNIS LANE After leaving his home in the UK and living in seven countries across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, Dennis has finally settled in South Africa — where he works as a leadership consultant. His first poetry collection, 8 Million Stories, was published in November 2010. Since then he has released The Poring Dark (September 2012) a science fiction collection of poetry and short stories; and two Young Adult science fiction novels, Talatu (March 2013) and The King’s Jewel (August 2013). Outside of his writing, Dennis paints, narrates his own and other people’s poems and stories, cooks, plays the harmonica and spends far too much time watching football. For more information and the latest news visit The Terran Dream Archive.