We accept submissions year-round and publish monthly. We welcome free verse, experimental, Persian style, Arabic style, tercet ghazals, and variations thereof. We publish only English language ghazals.  (Learn more)  


What to submit

  • Send 1-4 English ghazals at a time, if at all possible as HTML (.htm or .html) or plaintext (.txt) attachments.  PDF files are presently not accepted.  Click here for more information about formatting and proof reading.
  • We no longer accept simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit work that is under consideration elsewhere.
  • We accept only original, unpublished work.  We longer accept previously published work, or translations of published work.
  • Please check your work before sending it to us.  In particular, when word processor files are converted into .txt files, characters like apostrophes and dashes tend to be corrupted.  This would happen anyway when we paste it into the website - saving it as .txt gives you a chance to fix it so we don't have to try to guess what you wanted.

How to submit

  • Always include a statement that the material is your own original work, has never been published, and is not under consideration elsewhere.
  • Send poems to: theghazalpage@yandex.com.
  • Subject line: Submission, [Your name]. If you don't do this, we may overlook your submission.
  • Attach up to 4 ghazals as a plaintext (.txt) or html (.html or .htm) attachment. 
  • Avoid using aol email if possible.  Aol has blocked our emails at times; if you submit using @aol.com email we may receive it but you might never hear from us.
  • Please include a brief 3rd person bio at the end of each submission.  We will NOT make updates to your bio, so you might want to include an "as of" date when you write it.

After you submit

  • To withdraw work, please simply email us with details. Subject line: Withdrawn, [Withdrawn poem/s name/s].
  • Feel free to query if you've not heard back from us in three months.
  • Rights of unpublished work revert back to the author upon online publication. The Ghazal Page retains the right to archive work online and in future print or online publications (including social media use) and for educational purposes.

  • If you need to send a correction, please resend the entire submission with your bio.  That way the correction is far more likely to be made when the ghazal is published.



We welcome reviews of ghazal publications and may accept essays on the topic of ghazals.

Report your response times at Duotrope



Anticipated publication date March or April, 2018. 

How to submit to Challenge issues

  • Submit 1-4 ghazals inspired by the challenge prompt regardless of whether or not you have submitted to an upcoming regular issue.
  • Include the name of the challenge (and the word Submission) in the subject line of your email.
  • Please follow all other regular submission guidelines.
  • Feel free to include in your bio how you approached the Challenge prompt and what struck a chord with you (optional).
  • Ghazals which are not included in a particular challenge issue may still be published in a different issue.

Until further notice, odd-numbered issues (i.e. every other month) will be Challenge issues, alternating with regular issues.